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Don't get Pinched

Do you remember that as a kid during this time of year? You know, "Make sure to wear green so you don't get pinched"?
I was talking with a girlfriend about St.Patrick's Day recently and she told me she never made a fuss about wearing green or had even heard about getting "pinched" until she was an adult working in an office. SAY WHAAAA??? I can remember my mom putting green ribbons in my hair, having special St.Patty's pins to wear, even green shoe laces one year. Was that just me and my family? I can remember even in High School my mom making sure I had something green to wear. I LOVE St.Patty's Day. Like super duper LOVE it.
I love the smell of corned beef and cabbage stewing throughout the house and finding something green to wear in celebration of the holiday. Now mind you, I only have a bit of Irish in me from my dad's side. My mom however, the one who has made a fuss over this holiday for as long as I can remember has NONE. She is half Italian and half Spanish so I have no idea where this whole craze started in our family. But it did. And I'm forever grateful for it because it is AWESOME!
Micah had never even heard of corned beef and cabbage before meeting me and now he looks forward to this meal as much (if not more) than Thanksgiving.
Though he didn't grow up celebrating it he loves celebrating it with me. Making sure to wear something green, eating all the yummy fatty eats and most of all he loves hosting St.Patty's parties. I swear it's the only party he actually "enjoys" throwing because like he said, "There's nothing more to it than yummy food and great company!"
I think in the almost nine years we have been married we have had a St. Patty's get together almost every year. You can check some past years fun herehere AND here.
This year is no different. We are having yet another get together to celebrate this holiday and I can't wait. The cookie dough truffles you see pictured I made today and will start on the rest of the sweets tomorrow.
My new Anthropologie knock-off cake stand you are all drooling over was purchased at the Penelope Lane Boutique last weekend from 
(pssst...go check her out, you will love the the things she creates and refurbishes!)
The Subway art I created last night in Photoshop and printed it at Walgreens with a free coupon. Slapped that bad boy in a frame I had laying around and I just made myself a free-fitty-free piece of St.Patty Art!

So how about you? Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Any fun traditions or recipes I should know about?


mistergandme said...

So cute! I love your cake stand and your St. Patty's art!! Hope you have a great get together :) xo, ashley

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

I LOVE st. patty's day as well!! I want to come celebrate this holiday with you - it sounds like yall have a wonderful time!! :))

Kate said...

LOVE that decor! I definitely had heard about the green/pinching thing as a kid so I always enjoyed wearing green on St. Patty's day - it wasn't really a family thing though - I was probably the only one who paid attention to it lol

Kasey M said...

Yes we do. I've got Irish on both sides of the family (Mom's half and Dad's a quarter) and this year I'm celebrating with HB's family for the first time.