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St.Patty's Party

We decided to celebrate St.Patty's early this year because it fell on a Wed., which is the worst day to have a party, but also because Jace and Jan fly in on that day. We had plenty of eats and treats. So much corned beef and cabbage was consumed as well as potato soup (which was awesome btw Shannon) Everything was so tasty. We stayed up and played some game until about 11:00pm and everyone filed out by midnight. Elsie loves St.Patrick's Day. She loved the food and all the people and looks fabulous in green, so ya St.Patty's definitely works for her. Well, that is until a big scary Tony walked in with a leprechaun hat and scared her to death. It was a successful night. This was the smallest group we've had for this event due to the fact that we are moving and have tons of other stuff coming up that I thought it best to keep it very low key this year. I missed many that normally grace us with their presence during this event but it was still a lot of fun.
Both Elsie and Bea really embraced the holiday spirit

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DawnaHartman said...

I miss ALL of your parties Nat! I love Elsie's and Bea's outfits. So cute.

I am making your Potato Soup tonight for dinner! Yum.