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A very merry un-birthday to Vernon

Happy St.Patty's day all! We love this holiday around here. The smell of corned beef and cabbage brewing away, while Dropkick Murphy's plays through the speakers will make even the most hectic day better, can I get an Amen!
This will be the first in six years that we wouldn't be hosting our St.Patrick's Day Bash. We were totally bummed but knew if we tried we'd have too much on our plate. Just trying to get everything to make the meal for us four seemed quite an ordeal. I wasn't going to let not having our annual party or sleep deprivation get me down. Besides this was Vernon's actual due date so Elsie and I made him a un-birthday cake. Unfortunately, due to lack of ingredients and time I had to use a boxed cake and Betty Crocker icing, which in turn resulted in the cake looking like this...
I had half a mind to send this into cake wrecks myself but couldn't think of something clever to write on it.
Regardless of how the cake looked it tasted scrumptious! And though it was just our little family we all adorned ourselves in green garb, and feasted on the traditional St. Patty's meal. Micah brought home St.Patty's hats and a beautiful bouquet for me to kick of the festivities.

Irish Blessing: 
May your troubles be less
And your Blessing be more 
And nothing but happiness 
come through your door

The Ensors


Asquare said...

boxed cake? did you also make it with one hand? don't worry. I'll send it to cake wrecks for you ;)

Kate Snow said...

Seriously. you didn't make your first son's first Unbirthday St. Patrick's Day cake from scratch? You're the worst mom ever.