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Chalkboard Love

After receiving a couple of emails about where I got my chalkboard from last weeks post  I realized I never blogged about this new treasure.

Remember when I posted about all the awesome family heirlooms I inherited. If not go check it here 
There was lots of other random gems I scored but didn't talk about and this 1930's - 40's tabletop was one of them. No legs or stand. Just a tabletop, ready to be thrown away like yesterday's trash and I snagged it. I had hoped to create a new table from this but was in need of a new chalkboard and well I had left over chalkboard paint and no legs to build a table sooo Chalkboard won!

I cleaned it, painted it, drilled in some D-rings and added some mounting wire and called it a day! It is leaning on my breakfast bistro at the moment but will return to the sunroom as my Weekly Planning Board.
I love it! 
Oh and the heart banner is left over heart doilies from last Valentine's Tea Party and I just sewed them along some vintage bias tape. Easy Peasy.
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Erin said...

So fun! :) Love the idea of this!

Kara said...

This is too precious!! Maybe I can find one at a garage sale or something. It's so awesome!

ginanorma said...

THAT is incredible!!! Love what you did to it!

The French Bird said...

Love it!!! this was an awesome idea, girl!!!! Thanks for sharing! stumbled upon your blog and really like it! Loads of hugs your way!
Pame at The French Bird

.alison herron. said...

A table top!?! Brilliant!!