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Valentine Tea Party

Ring, ring, ring!
Me:(answering cell phone)"Hello, this is Natalie."
Realtor: "Hi my name is Laura and I have a client that would love to see your place, we are down the street, may we come by?"
Me:"Hold on, (I turn and interrupt my five girlfriends chatting) Girls, do we mind if a realtor comes by real quick for a showing?"
Fab friends: "No, not at all"
Me: "Laura, sure come on by, but I must first warn you that the house is almost completely empty because we're in the middle of our move, the master suite is a disaster and oh yes I am in the middle of hosting a tea party, if that is not a problem then come on by"

After hanging up I turned and looked at my guests and gasped realizing that the master suite was turned upside down from the night before because I was a busy squirrel all night trying to make favors for the party. I also had Elsie entertained down there with her tent, so you can imagine the sight. It was basically a disaster and I would be mortified to have anyone see it, regardless if I was in the middle of a move or not. Someone suggested they would all help real quick, and I laughed only to find all of them following me down in their pretty tea outfits, heels and all! We moved the tent over, made the bed and picked up a few things all in about 1 minute flat. I made sure to thank them all for wearing heels and coming to my tea just so they could come clean. Haha! Classic!
We returned to our half empty table and proceeded with some of the warmest, funniest conversation ever. The weather was beautifully warm so we sipped Iced Tea instead of hot and ate until we could eat no more, seeing as there was plenty of extra food to go around. The gift exchange was a hoot and chocolate covered strawberries were a hit! As tears were wiped multiple times from laughing so hard, and the beautiful view of sailboats sailed across the ocean I realized that this intimate setting was exactly what my soul need yesterday.
Look closely or click to enlarge, on the left is a Vintage See's Candy box I found at the flea market. I LOVE it!
My table was set for the twelve girls who rsvp'd out of the 16 original invites sent out. The night before I received two cancelation emails and a text message from another. Then the morning of I received three more text messages from friends that would not be able to join. Within 16 hours I had six ladies cancel. My word, this had never happened I thought.
I wasn't at all upset, if that's what you're thinking. It actually made the morning so much more relaxing knowing I had only a few of my closest friends joining me and didn't even fret that my original outfit wouldn't button. Although it did fit a week ago and made me feel huge! I even contemplated staying in my robe for the event...
These are the vintage inspired favor tins I made for the ladies
Dessert & Candy Bar
Of course the clocked ticked by faster than it usually does and my beautiful friends cleaned all the dishes and helped put the tables away. No one let me lift a thing. As the sun began to set and my friends all drove away I looked around at my now very empty home and was overwhelmed with a filling of warmth and love. How in such an empty home without any furniture could one fill so fulfilled? Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing about this day went according to plan but knowing you are surrounded by a beautiful family and beautiful friends is all that matters. Recognizing that life happens and you have to roll with the punches is one thing but having an amazing network of people is what make the fight worthwhile.
I am so ready for this next chapter of my life with bringing a new member into this world. I can't wait for Vernon to meet his daddy, his sister, extended family and all of the wonderful people we have in our lives.!


jennifer said...

I'm glad everything went smoothly. I'm just making an observation but you need some blond haired friends.

Jeanie Aurora said...

You are so cute to host a tea party!! Love It. :)