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Friday Faves

 preparing orders and gifts to mail out
Vintage Valentines always make me smile
Target's dollar section had me dancing in the aisle! Wood trains, COME ON so awesome!
Sweet Erasers
dollar journal yo! 

And because I was so incredibly blessed this week by all of you I am offering
but wait there's more, a Sweetheart Pin will be included in every order too!


Sugar Mama Bakeshop said...

SUPER cute! I love this whole post. You're just great :)

bonbon said...

Is that cross stitching that you do? AMAZING! It seriously looks so good, I am so impressed. I found your blog today and am absolutely loving the design of it. It is beautiful! Did you do it all yourself? If so, Kudos! Way impressive


skye @ neathering our fest said...

Love all these pictures!! :) and now i want an ice cream bar! :)

ginanorma said...

Yay!!! I was going to buy something last night! So now I have a discount! THANK YOU, and this post is DARLING! Loved it all!!! You are so cute!