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Memory Lane

This weekend we were able to take a trip down my memory lane when we visited my Grandma Vera in San Pedro. She recently sold my Nana's (great-grandmother who passed away last Christmas) house this month and was gracious enough to let us inherit quite a few family heirlooms including my Nana & Papa's dining table and buffet. I grew up eating Thanksgiving and Christmas meals at this table, as did my Dad and so did his parents. I am so looking forward to enjoying holiday meals at this table and creating new memories with my family. We were thrilled when we got it home and saw how perfectly it fit in our dining room.
Look at the scalloped edging on the table and vintage hardware on the buffet. LOVE!
We also were given this side table that we put in between our reading chairs. 
This was my Aunt's rocking chair as a child.
 She gave it to us... are you freaking out over this as much as I did when I first saw it? Can't wait to reupholster it for my kiddos. 
 As well as her old school desk, which we will clean up for Elsie.
Out of everything we inherited this was my absolute FAVE! This will always stand out as something I will remember from visiting my Nana's house. This little gem was up year round there. I know most think she is hideous and as a small child it freaked the heck out of me out but as I grew up, it grew on me. She was always present sitting atop of the microwave welcoming all who visited. I remember one time in high school coming over and she wasn't anywhere to be seen so I asked my Nana where the ugly witch was and she said, "Well seeing how it's Springtime and she is a witch, I thought I'd put her away." I was like ummm, she has been up year round as long as I can remember why would you put her away now? She just laughed and with no remark went to get it and placed her back in her rightful spot. So when my Grandma called to tell me she had found her, let's just say I was beyond excited. She is a perfect addition to my fall decor but I'm pretty sure will remain a year round piece at our house as well.
There are so many fond memories I have of my Nana and that house. She is the one responsible for my See's Chocolate obsession as well as my addiction to Peach Cobbler. Her warm smile and long hugs will forever be missed. I am honored to have such precious items in my house that were once hers and can only hope I can use them to share my love as well as she once did.


Vintage is for Lovers said...

Wow! What amazing treasures! The scalloped edging, the school desk, and that rocker! oh the rocker! {swoon} But I have to agree, that witch "takes the cake" {or should I say the peach cobbler} I know you and your family are going to cherish these items forever. xo Sam

Dawna said...

Okay. First off, that witch is scary! But I love the story behind it.
2nd, the table & buffet are perfect!
3rd, that desk is swoon-worthy. Wow.

vintage grey said...

Absolutely gorgeous these treasures are from your Nana!! I just love how the furniture has scallops in it!! Add such beautiful character!!That rocking chair and desk are so neat!! Did you already reupholster, and fix them up? I will say the doll is a little scary, but holds such history and memories!! Thanks for sharing such prettiness!! xo Heather