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Sure Sign

Though the calendar tell us, it is sometimes hard to tell when seasons change here in southern California, especially Fall. I mean I have planned a Fall Tea Party the last few years and we end up sipping iced tea & lemonade in 80 degree (or more) heat.
But today there was no doubt that Autumn is among us.
I woke up to the beautiful sound of rain and a there was a definite chill in the air.
 I wanted to stay bundled under the covers all day.
I had to make a Dr. appt because Elsie has a cold (not allergies like I thought) Don't worry no antibiotics and she is in great spirits, see. See even colored a fall felt craft, perfect. Just another sign that the seasons have changed when allergies kick in.
My leopard flats made their first appearance this year (I mean these are a year round item but I always seem to wear them in the Fall)
I got to try this new homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe. Thanks Jenn for sending this to me, way better than Starbucks version...whoa did I just say that? What can I say, it has a stronger pumpkin flavor and is way healthier.
I sipped it while getting to use my new coffee mug cozy I received from Jenn (my sis), which covered my new fabulous Snow White couture mug I received from my friend Melissa as a birthday gift.
even she couldn't resist
Thinking about making a smoothie with it for her or just heating it up as pumpkin milk. SOOO Yummy!

Seriously today reeked of the new season and we have been loving every minute of it, well all except Elsie's cold of course.

Hope you are all soaking up today's perfect Fall weather. The babies are both down for naps so I'm going to get cuddled up with a good book and more of that pumpkin spice latte goodness.

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Jenn and Dan said...

omg! i woke up with the same feeling... we have been planning our comfort food dinner for the last hour drinking coffee cuddled up on the couch....yeah fall!