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Mondays Maid Simple:Ready, set, ok still not ready.

Have you had those days where you think you're ready? You know when the kids are dressed and fed but you are NOT, but it's okay because you already have in your head what you're going to throw on, but when you go to find it... well it is no where to be found. Oh wait, there it is, crumbled at the bottom of the dirty clothes hamper. So now your scrambling to find something other than yesterdays garb only to spend twenty extra minutes looking for it. This may not sound like a big deal but when you have nap times and feeding schedules it is.
If only I had Cher Horowits outfit-picking program on my life would be so much easier.
Pictures from Domino Mag
For the record if I had a closet like one of these I wouldn't mind spending time in there, but if I had closets like these I would most likely have a personal assistant running my errands for me as well. 

I thought about it, when I was working (at the office) I would always have my outfit picked out and ready for me to throw on in the morning. Not only did I have my clothes picked out, but I also had my lunch ready the night before (if I was bringing one), and gym clothes & ipod in my bag.
So now why can't I enforce that rule with this momma job of mine. When I have a Dr. appt or church, I know to have all of our outfits picked, diaper bag packed and food ready the night before which always helps to avoid a panic situation. But here I am fully aware I was going to go the grocery store after breakfast and yet I was scrambling to get all of us dressed and ready to get out the door. A 10 minute ordeal turned into a 45 minute production, mainly because I didn't have my clothes ready. So basically the kiddos were waiting on me. Mind you I didn't even put make-up on, this was just trying to find something to wear.
Vernon waiting on me with a face that reads, "Really mama? I mean Elsie is two and a half and I'm 7 months, you should have this down by now."
No more. From here on out I am treating everyday as if I'm running out for an errand or an appointment.
I will get everything READY. Having all of our outfits planned out. Food or snacks prepped. Diaper Bag packed.
I will SET. Everything by the front door so I can just grab it.
So we can just GO wherever we are going with time to spare and not having to be rushed because I saved time by having been prepared.
I know most nights I would rather just drag my butt to bed after having just watched a movie with Micah but I know the payoff is worth it if I take 5 minutes to get things ready for the next day.
This applies to both mommies at home and working women out of the house. Having everything set out and ready will save bundles of time and for me, stress.
Hope you all have a wonderful week.


Natalie said...

Amen to that! It's just awful! hahaha! So, I usually have a pile of clothes infront of my closet because I'm so frustrated trying to find something that looks good and hanging things back up nicely on the hangers to put back in the closet is just NOT on my list of high priorities right now! Hahah!

jennifer said...

Love your new look! I need one on my blog :) some days ou just have to go out wrinkled and pray that no one will notice because your babies are so cute. Love you.

jennifer said...

Love your new look! Some days you just have to go out wrinkled and hope no one notices because your kids are so cute! Love you.

Minuet Sandifer said...

Love the new layout! Very Cool!