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The Big Three-Oh

So I am 30 weeks along and I have to say, I am beyond thrilled. Up until Christmas I'd been
having a really rough go with this pregnancy and there was one follow up after the next to make sure all was well with our future baby boy. Well all is well, and we are finally enjoying this pregnancy with anticipation to meet our little Vernon! We actually created a registry, and decided on a double stroller, though we still haven't decided on a middle name yet...eek!
Here are a few lame personal attempts in catching this huge monstrosity of a stomach on film.

Here is one of the most precious gifts I received this Christmas. Davey created this beautiful artwork for Vernon's room. It is Elsie and I. He created one of just me for Elsie's room when she was still in my womb as well. You can see it in a very old post titled "Surprise,Surprise" from over two years ago. It is the last picture in the post so scroll down to view it.

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