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Thank you card Thursday

Have you heard of this? Well, my Dearest Dear Shan has started a new thing for 2011 and is calling it "Thank you card Thursday" where she is going to write a thank you card to someone every Thursday. Isn't this a fab idea. I love it and am stealing it from her. I however will not be blogging mine as she will but taking the idea nonetheless. See her blog here to keep up on that, and to see if she actually sticks with it. tee hee, she totally will but had to throw that in there.
Apron Strings

This has totally got my butt in gear today to write all of my Christmas Thank you notes, so I'm using this Thursday to write multiple cards. Which is fine by me, except for the fact that I just realized I had no cutesy Thank You notes in my stationary collection, which was terribly disappointing. So immediately after writing in the cards I had on hand I searched the web for some new finds, this was not such a good idea when you're a stationary lover and have no self control when it comes to paper goods even if you don't have any funds in your account. It's okay, I added a few to my various carts and will find a way to explain to Micah later that these are needs and not wants.
Here are a few fun ones I found along my quest and thought I'd share.
Rifle Paper Co. is a fave of mine. They sell their goods at Anthropologie and I'm always drooling over them.

I'm a sucker for this store, whenever I pass one I must stop and I never leave empty handed.

Isn't Mr.Fox so sweet.

You know I about fell out of my chair when I found these bad boys. Can we say, "Yes Please"

These have to be my fave because you can make them yourself! Here is the link to the tutorial.
These are super fun and will be ordering some after Vernon has arrived, just want to see what hair color he'll have... seeing as how you can personalize them and all


Vintage is for Lovers said...

Love love this idea. I am such a paper lover too. One of my favorite things is picking out stationary. The act of sending notes and cards is not a lost art. Thanks for the inspiration. I think I need to order some myself! ;) xo Samantha ps. Think I want to repost this idea. Do you think Shannon would mind? (of course giving credit to where credit is due!)

DawnaHartman said...

I heart stationary too... I'm always hitting the clearance section at Hallmark. Papyrus is my FAVORITE stuff!!!

DawnaHartman said...

I would like to add that after I read your post the other day, I went to and bought some Christmas cards they had on clearance. I'm all set for next Christmas!