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Surprise, Surprise...

Let me start by saying that today was my 26th birthday. It kind of snuck up on me this year just because we have been consumed with so many other things that I didn't even think about my birthday. So even though I forgot,no one else seemed to. Micah was up early to surprise me with gourmet bagels and muffins from one of my fave places, Panera. We sat and enjoyed birthday breakfast together and it was so sweet. There were surprise gifts throughout the day as well, such as a cupcake lip gloss set waiting on my front seat for me from Shannon, and then two dozen roses from Micah were delivered to my office. They were absolutely beautiful. I received a few gifts from co-workers and then made my way home. Micah said he was taking me on a surprise dinner and to be ready by 6:00 p.m. Of course I wasn't ready on time and we were rushed. He said I had to wear a blindfold because I would know where we would be heading and I would ask too many questions. So when I got out of the car I was able to take off the blindfold and see that we had arrived at Portillo's! I love Portillo's. Just a low key dinner that involves chili cheese fries and beef dip sandwiches, well at least that's what I thought. We walk to the end of the restaurant only to find tables decorated with balloons and confetti and one big loud SURPRISE from my closest friends. I had absolutely no idea. I was shocked and overwhelmed with happiness!!!
Then we headed to our dear friends Tony & Kelly's house for Rainbow Chip cake and sugar cookies which Shannon baked herself. Then I opened some of the best gifts ever! I cried at the gift from the Q's. Davey drew me the most amazing picture. See for yourself below.
It was seriously one of the best birthdays ever. Good food, good times, great friends!

yes we are wearing paper hats which Shannon made

ummm, yes please.

This is the artwork Davey drew for me...isn't it awesome?


jennifer said...

Love everything! Where are you going to display the picture?

carrie said...

congrats on everything you guys! babies are the ultimate gift! get ready for the best part of your lives, and rest a lot now, because you wont do any resting for the next few years!

mrs. bear said...

Happy Birthday!!! Mine is in two weeks :)

Ashley said...

Aww that's so sweet! =] I'm glad you had a great birthday! =]

I wish my surprise birthday party for Brody had worked out that way! =/ but he still liked it! =] I love you guys!