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New Segment

I'm excited to introduce a new segment to my blog. I've been trying to come up with something for my sister (in-law) and I to do together even though we are over two thousand miles apart. After much deliberation I decided that we would do a recipe exchange every Sunday. Simple maybe, even boring you might think but here's the thing, we come from completely different backgrounds and styles of cooking so it should be interesting to see what we swap each week. The best part of this exchange will be the blog posts about each others recipes. We will write what we thought, our families thought and whether we would make it again. We will take pictures and post the recipes so all of you can sample yourself if you care to follow along. The recipes will be a range of things from breakfast items to dinner or desserts to lets say even a side dish. I can't wait to make this weeks...(I won't tell you details until initial post, but it's a dessert!)
The only thing we haven't decided on is what to call this little exchange. Since we are swapping the recipes on Sundays I thought of a few different titles for it but would love feedback from all of you. Please vote on your fave or leave a comment with a completely different name if you think of one.

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Anonymous said...

I love Sunday Cookin Swap:)

DawnaHartman said...

(Commenting on everything...sorry, it's almost 3am....)

Does this mean Cross Country Cookin' won, because I would've voted for that title. So excited for this segment. I need new recipes!