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I know I'm not the only mom who wants to get out and show our kids how to be lights in this dark world. Wanting to teach them to be little encouragers and smile bringers. Showing them how to serve others well even at a young age. Though my heart is willing my flesh is weak. Often times I forget that serving others doesn't need to be a grand thing or even involve money sometimes. Having the kids help color letters to send to friends or family, bake cookies for a friend who has had a rough week or letting that mom with a screaming toddler go ahead of you in line because thank God at that moment your babes are well behaved and can spare a few extra minutes to wait in line.
Honestly serving others can be as simple as holding the door open for another mom with a stroller or smiling and being polite to the checker who is giving you major attitude. 

I'm always motivated and encouraged to do more for others when I see others doing it or when I see a post about it on Instagram or Facebook. With hopes of spurring others on and encouraging those who don't know where to start is how Simply Serve came to be.

I'm excited to be collaborating with these fab women as we learn to simply serve better in 2014! We are choosing a word to collectively inspire other women throughout the year and we have chosen SERVE.

Corrine (Mint Arrow
Tiffany (Rue Rococo

We would love for you to join us in this commitment to Simply Serve {#simplyserve2014} others this year which will hopefully become a pattern in our everyday lives for years to follow.
Before I tell you how easy this project is for you to get involved let me just mention that included each month along with the Simply Serve post a FREE printable from Alissa (The Printed Palette) will be available for you! What a treat right?! This month's is perfection and can't see what the coming months have in store.

We are making a commitment to serve someone each month and we hope that you will join us on this journey which will hopefully become an every day habit in our lives. 

So this is how this whole thing will go down. 

1. On the 1st Thursday of each month this year we will give you the prompt of who to serve.  They will be people in your community, your family, your friends, strangers...each month will be different.

2. Decide on an act of service, big or small and document your experience on your blog.

3. On the 4th Thursday of each month we will all post about our service experience and provide an opportunity for you to link up your posts as well.

If you do post to any of your social media profiles make sure to use hashtag #simplyserve2014 so we can all follow along to be encouraged and inspired on this journey.

 It's easy, fun, and we will hopefully help some wonderful people along the way.

The theme for January is to SERVE YOURSELF
At first I was uncomfortable with this idea because I never take time for myself or if I do I feel guilty, which I realized was probably a problem and so taking even an hour for myself this month would only make me a better wife, mom and shop owner.

Whether it's walking around Target by yourself, sipping on your favorite drink at Starbucks alone with your thoughts or getting that once a year pedicure, whatever it may be take time for yourself and do it! 
Hoping as you tackle this New Year with new resolutions and goals you will take a little time to recharge yourself! 
I'm looking forward to the end of the month to see your link ups and to be following along on #simplyserve2014 to see what you are doing this month for yourself!
Also don't forget to grab this darling printable here. SERVE-YOURSELF-JANUARY(1)


Mrs Gray said...

Love this idea! Thanks for kicking it off! We used Teddy Elf to help us serve others during the Christmas season, but this is a great reminder for throughout the year.

Little House Lea said...

What a wonderful idea! Looking forward to taking part in this and thank you for the beautiful printable. x

Brittany said...

Everyone needs time for yourself. I know that can be a really difficult idea (its always something I struggle with) but recharging yourself helps the whole family.

Adorable Blog, I loved the printable!

-Brittany (Pittsburgh Glamour)