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SoCal Christmas 2013

It was a beautiful Christmas this year for us Ensors. Definitely going down in the books as the best yet. Extremely low key filled with much needed quality family time. The kids were really in to it and ridiculously excited to celebrate Jesus's birth and having a better understanding of it all. 
Micah was up before all of us so he snuck out to get donuts and Starbucks. Elsie slept in until 7:30 and Vernon slept a good hour past that. It was glorious. We had to eventually go wake him up because Elsie could not wait another minute to open stockings and unwrap gifts! 
With the warm tones of Bing Crosby's voice in the background on the record player, the glow of the Christmas lights from our pre-lit tree and in between the excited giggles and banter of the babes, Micah read aloud the Christmas story from Luke's passage in the bible. It was such a great way to start our morn and then one by one Elsie helped hand out gifts. 
There was just one for each of them from Santa and then one from each for each other, plus a couple extras thrown in from my brother in Michigan. We took our sweet time and taught the kids to be patient and watch each other open each gift, and they loved it and squealed and got so excited for not only their own but for each others as well.
This was most likely our last Christmas in Southern California and with the temps at 80 degrees we couldn't think of a better way to end our afternoon other then heading to Newport Beach and playing in the warm sand for a few hours! My heart was bursting from happiness as I watched the babes run and play in the sun. We built a "sand"man and enjoyed ice cream cones at sunset. I loved soaking in the smells of the salty ocean and the sounds of my babes giggling oven the ocean's tide. I normally long for cooler weather this time of year but am in a much different place now knowing I may be moving and so I can't help but thank God for a beautiful bright sun shiny day this Christmas. I was just what my heart needed.
It was a good day, a very good day indeed. Feeling so incredibly blessed and grateful for our God who gives it all so freely even when we are so very undeserving. 
Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas as well with loved ones!


Anonymous said...

Love this recap Nat! It's so fun to look at friend's Christmas pictures from all over the country! You celebrated in sand and we celebrated in snow :) So fun! Enjoy this holiday season with your family! xoxo

Kerrie Williams said...

I love that everyone is at the beach embracing the climate! Merry christmas to you all!

Danielle said...

I almost went to the beach on Christmas Eve because it was soooo beautiful!! We got lucky in so Cal this year, I think it was just to make your last California Christmas memorable! :) Merry Christmas!

Candice Williams said...

I loved seeing these photos and reading your post!!
What a beautiful Christmas you and your sweet family had!! It looks perfect! Where else but here can you eat ice cream cones at the beach on Christmas?! How fun is that!! Merry Christmas sweet friend!


Makeover With Aspen said...

I love that Happy Birthday Jesus cake! and I have to say your fireplace is completely gorgeous and I am pretty jealous of Christmas on the Beach. We're rocking 40-50 degree weather where it's not to cold but to hot for snow

Makeover With Aspen