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More than Handmade gifts with WE'VE Built

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and WE’VE Built but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #GiftaStory

This year for Christmas Micah and I wanted to continue carrying out our "live with less" attitude and just do Christmas stockings for each other. Especially with us moving across country in the New Year we wanted to not buy useless items which may or may not end up in the garage sale pile before our move.

However, due to his job promotion he has had quite a bit of extra traveling this past month and will continue to into the New Year, so when this rad WE'VE Built iPad case arrived I couldn't wait for Christmas to gift it to him! 
{Plus I knew I wouldn't be able to fit it into his stocking so I basically broke the rules and just gave it to him early to use for his upcoming trips}
I knew he would not only love the look of it but would appreciate the materials used and the story behind it. We often talk about where our money is being spent and the power we have as consumers. Knowing there are amazing and quality products out there created in efforts to help make a difference within the artisans communities is definitely something we both can get on board with.
You see WE'VE Built  is a company which creates opportunity for artisans around the world! 
This particular iPad case is made out of up-cycled rubber tires was designed and handmade by a husband and wife team based out of India. Their company, "Conserve," creates awesome and diverse up-cycled goods. Conserve goes several steps further, recycling and returning their profits back into the community, providing fair wages, investing in health clinics and education, and improving the lives of some of India’s poorest citizens. From trash to treasure to transformation – Conserve brings it all full circle.
WE'VE Built collaborates with great companies such as this all over the world. They use technology to share video stories which basically showcase the entire process of design and development. Start to finish. Kind of amazing really, to be able to get the behind the scene action of these amazing companies at work.
I love that Micah can rock just about anything including his new ipad case (which he loves btw) 
After opening his gift he immediately put it to use as he headed out for his next flight.  

Grateful for a husband who appreciates craftsmanship and who has a heart to help others. Knowing that purchases made through WE'VE Built are helping change the livelihood of others will now be at the top of our list when it comes to online shopping!

I also love WE'VE Built's simple philosophy. In one word it boils down to "collaboration," but collaboration that incorporates sustainability, technology, storytelling and design. WE'VE is a community for connecting diverse, highly-skilled people together, where beautiful relationships and objects emerge.

Definitely consider finishing up your online holiday shopping with WE'VE built where there is a world of products to purchase from!
To find out more about WE'VE Built and to shop for your future gifts please check out their  website, Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+

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Lisa Yates said...

Loved this post. I have been wanting to sit down and read up on this website...........thanks for the info! I will check them out for sure for my buying needs!