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Life Lately

I often feel like too much has happened in a short amount of time that I don't even know where to begin with laying my thoughts out. I'm not just talking about here on the blog but away from the screen with friends and family even.
I get too overwhelmed with trying to fill people in on all that God is doing in our lives. The changes He is stirring in our hearts and the changes of events happening around us. 
I will start with this because it's fresh on my mind and have been non-stop thinking about it especially with the holidays approaching. 
You see this will most likely be our last holiday season here in Sunny Southern California for a while. Micah received a promotion a couple of weeks ago which will take him out of a regional manager setting and into a national director type of thing and so, well we will be relocating to Tennessee come next year.
This is a good thing for us. A really good thing. 
We have family in that area and in the surrounding states, so the location and timing of it all is totally the Lord. Not to mention the fact in which Micah and I have prayed about living in Tennessee since the beginning of our marriage ten years ago, so it all coming together in a way we had never thought is extremely exhilarating while at the same time terrifying.
With all these excited thoughts of what's to come in that next chapter this coming year also comes heartache knowing we will be moving away from friends and family. For me personally, a lifetime of friends seeing how I was born and raised in California, but even for Micah our life together has been here and the sweet friendships and the wonderful church we serve at will be oh so hard to part with.
Because it has all happened so fast in the midst of a million other things going on we haven't really sat to talk about it all or make a game plan but we do know we want to create a California Bucket List of sorts before we leave. We decided the list making can wait until the New Year so we can relish in our blessings right now and enjoy our holiday season with so many of our loved ones. 
For some reason writing those words out about what is going on with us Ensors' gives me some sort of relief yet the reality of it all is so overwhelmingly emotional that I can hardly type without out hot tears welling up. 
so let's just move onto my next thought shall we... 
I have been wanting to take in what is happening right now, each day as it comes instead of looking towards the future but I realized I hadn't been journaling nor posting about our life which seems to be racing by at light speed. So, I decided my first thing on the Cali bucket list is to document and post our life as it is. The messy and the beautiful. To capture the chaos and the splendor. All of it whether its an exciting trip or a weekend at home. 
With all that being said and so much not even being mentioned please enjoy a jumble of some of my favorite pictures from over the past month. 


Natalie said...

Looks like you travelled to my part of town! I recognized Broadway Plaza up there. Hope you enjoyed the Bay Area!

Prudence said...

How exciting! Beautiful family. Enjoy the journey. We made a big move a couple years ago. God performed true miracles. For some reason my heart aches for home though, trying to work through that.... I hope your move is everything you wish it to be.

Lisa Yates said...

Oh I found you through instagram and from there not sure........but his post was lovely and I loved the heart felt pictures.........they made my heart smile! You have a beautiful family!

Lauren said...

Oh Natalie, you are leaving California?? I am so sad to hear this:( I know all things happen for a reason. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. Cherish SoCal for me!!

Kimmie @ Sugar and Dots said...


I'll think of a more articulate response later.

TessBenson said...

Oh FUN! A bit jealous, its our dream to move out of CA. Its funny cuz just a few minutes before clicking on your link, Nick and I were talking about his trip to Nashville here in two weeks. Congrats pretty lady! Make that bucket list and have a Glorious time the next few months!!!

The Ward Family said...

Congrats to you guys! So exciting the next chapter in your lives together!