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when you can't find the words, post pictures instead

(painted wood plaque is from my newest Instagram friend @thevintagefern, follow her you wont regret it I pinky-promise.)
I was looking through photos of this past week and it was so jammed packed with goodness, yet I found I had forgotten a lot of it because it all happened so fast. Between Micah traveling and the business of the holiday season I kind of feel like I'm not taking time to take everything in.
To be honest I have kind of felt in a fog, not a heavy one so maybe more of a haze. 
Since publicizing our upcoming move in the New Year I just can't seem to absorb everything because I'm taking into account it may be our last. 
Our last Christmas in Cali has kind of made me want to take advantage of everything California has to throw at me during the holiday season which in return has made me feel a little down. 
Not to mention all of our friends have not made it easy to think of anything but moving so it just kind of hangs over me everywhere I go. Whether I'm having fun or not. 
Since I don't quite have the words to express all the emotions swirling around inside me at the moment I will just post some of my favorite moments from this week including the ones above of Elsie who is growing up way too fast.
Disneyland seems so much more magical this year, which has nothing to do with the fact that we're moving but everything to do with Elsie and Vernon loving every bit of the holiday goodness! They absolutely are at the best age yet and make everything so much more exciting. Experiencing a place that I already loved has now become something better because of them.
Elsie decorating the house and then taking her own photos of it all//Holiday Don// Hot cocoa errrday
"mama take our picture next to this hand pointing at us"//Daddy returning home from one of his trips//Vernon's new obsession...his vintage Mickey backpack
I asked Elsie to run upstairs and change out of her school clothes to help me decorate the porch with Christmas decor and she came down wearing this. so let me break this down
Elsie's OOTD: Daddy's dirty thermal belted no less with my belt, scarf, beanie and booties. 
I asked her what was going on with her whole get up and she just shrugged saying "I don't know, but isn't it great" 
All I have to say is look out world because this gal is looking beyond trend and into her own style. HAHA!
best sweater ever. nuff said.
 I really can't go into all of the details that led up to this point here in the photo above. This was taken at Elsie's Christmas program at her preschool last week. Don't get me wrong, it's not because I don't want to share all the details of our journey with Elsie in regard to her shyness and anxious spirit when it comes to being in the spotlight, I just wouldn't know where to begin. It is definitely another one of those things that requires a post of its own... I can however, say tears were shed, she did amazing up there singing the lyrics to all her songs and busted out those hand motions like nobody's business. Our proud parent hearts were bursting so much I just wanted to run up on stage to scoop her up and spin her around!
This has got to be my favorite "Cornbread" adventure yet. (yes our elf's name is Cornbread...have I not told you all about this story and how his name came to be? I'll save that for another post as well) Micah is so clever with the whole "elf on the Shelf" thing and I find myself giggling with babes each morning when we are looking to see what he got into during the night!


Christen Dobbs said...

Aww, they are so darling! I love your photos.


Ashley@The Vanilla Tulip said...

This whole post has me smiling!!! Your Elsie...what a jewel. What a sweet jewel. Sure do with her and Emma could be friends! I think they'd hit it off :)
Love you bunches!