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Warmth of Fall + Giveaway

{picture taken in the mountains of Ruidoso, NM a couple weeks back}

This is the time of year that calls for hot harvest beverages, scarves, boots and the warm tones of good music that move my soul as I sip on my hot drink and stitch by the fire.

Here's the thing, I live in Sunny Southern California where iced drinks and cotton dresses are still all the rage in this crazy heat. The only reason I know it's Fall, aside from Disneyland decorating with fall/Halloween decor is  because of social media. I see pictures of rainy days and leg warmers. Pumpkin Spice lattes (not frappucinos) and cute scarves.

I'm okay with it, truly I am. As a native Californian I still long for cooler days and for the colors of the leaves to actually change but I have learned that even if I have to enjoy my pumpkin spice latte over ice while rockin' flip flops there's one thing I can count on to be amazing this season regardless of the temperature and that is good music.

I have a music playlist for each season which I add new artists to each year. Autumn melodies are my favorite. They are slower from my more lively upbeat summer jams. Rich in lyrics with melodies that warm my heart as if I were bundled up under a quilt reading a good book.

My newest jam lately has been the amazing Reeve Coobs. I had the privelage to hear her live while attending the The Influence Conference a couple weeks back. 
I had flown out on behalf of Sole Hope (the non-profit I'm an advocate for) and unfortunately I wasn't able to attend most of the sessions they had but the few I did sit it on consisted of worship which was sung by Reeve. 
Her voice was unique and soulful. Warm and so full of goodness that I wept through much of it as she lead us in a sweet time of worship. 
Oh and I got to meet and hug her and she is just such a gem, truly a grace filled daughter of the King who I wish lived nearby so she could come and strum her guitar and play worship in my living room, because she's the kind of gal who would do just that.
This album, her new album is sooo good. It's like a musical story titled "What Love is All about" 
I have listened to it for weeks throughout the day and have it playing at night as the house settles down and I quiet my brain as I stitch cuddled up on the couch. 

You should definitely hop on over to take a quick listen to a few of her tracks HERE and then hurry back because here's the scoop... the album doesn't even release until November 1st but she is giving one away today! 

Just enter using the rafflecopter below for your chance to win some great tunes! 
Happy Friday and Good Luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

"What Love is All About" by Reeve Coobs releases on November 1st at The Neighborhood Theater in Charlotte, NC and will be available onlineNovember 4th at

You can pre-order it at until Oct. 30th All pre-order's will ship out on Oct. 31st

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