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Kiwi Crate to the rescue

I knew when we decided to put Elsie in Preschool that I wanted to be very intentional with my one on one time with Vernon. He is still so young so it's easy to get caught up doing the same things like going to the park, watching a show, eating lunch and then driving back to the school to pick up Elsie. Don't get me wrong that is a fine routine but I wanted to make sure that our time together was creative and fun, not the same thing every other day while his big sis was off learning to write her letters and memorizing bible verses, because let's be real if the boy could he would watch shows all day while I just stitched next to him.
I'll be completely honest. I'm a creative person. I love getting crafty and trying new things but really only on an adult level. When it comes to kids crafts and creativity I seem to fall way short. Like I can never come up with anything other than baking or coloring... I know right? 
**hangs her head as she slowly walks away to the tune of the lowly Charlie Brown song**

So you better believe when I received my first Kiwi Crate in the mail I was all "Praise Jesus" and whistling a whole new tune.
I mean I had seen friends posting about their Kiwi Crates and thought that they looked too good to be true! Plus the crafts and projects they were making with their little ones were all sorts of amazing and knew right away I definitely wanted in on that. What I didn't know was how incredibly awesome it would be after openeing it. I mean SO MANY PROJECTS in one box.
The best part is it came dummy proof for us moms who don't know where to begin when it comes to getting extra creative with your little one. Ridiculously easy instructions, the best quality of materials and speaking of materials it included everything needed to make each project (including the tape!) not to mention the actual process of creating things together was so darn fun! 
Vernon was so excited to make his rocket and though I had planned to do a different craft each day of the week his little fingers couldn't wait to make his kite so we made two in one day! We conquered the extra projects another day because he spent dayyyyys shooting his rockets and running outside flying his very own handmade kite! He was so proud, but not as proud as me.
Oh and the best part you ask? There are enough supplies for those with multiple little ones or enough if you want to share with friends on your play date. So while Vernon napped after we picked Elsie up one day her and I were able to have some quality time catching up about her school days while we worked on her projects from Kiwi Crate together and there were still enough supplies left over for a rainy day (plus some) 
For my next crate (since the babes are both way into music right now) I'll be sure to get the Music Box or maybe even getting a jump n one of their fab holiday crates!
Either way this is one of the best investments I've ever made for the babes when it comes to play time! I originally just went with the one time crate but will be switching that up to a monthly delivery option because for the value you can't pass up this much creative fun!
Go get signed up or just order a box to try out for yourself HERE. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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