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Make it a Good One!

We will be polishing off the rest of these Oreo Truffles (obviously) and maybe even having our own lil' garage sale, but most likely just playing duck-duck-goose and taking long family naps! 

Oh and just because it's funny to admit these things when they happen. I thought yesterday (Thursday) was Friday. THE ENTIRE DAY! And so bonus for me I get a do over, and Lord knows I need a do over! Also I really need to look at a calendar...annnnnd get a life apparently.

Hope your weekend is sweet! 


Carly said...

Aw, happy real Friday friend! Those truffles look amazing, feel free to send some up to Lala land! Have a great weekend with the littles, I keep meaning to check in and see how everything is going with hubby being in school......keep me posted!


Jen said...

Those look so pretty and amazing!!
I hope you all have a good weekend. I wrote about you on my blog yesterday for the 'blogger crush' series since I am so inspired by you!!

Hanna said...

Your so cute! Happy weekend Nat!!!

Lindsay said...

These look delicious :)