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Mama's Must Haves

As a mama on the go and always trying to save on time but still feel good + feel some what put together I have a few key things that work for me on my everyday. I compiled a lil' list of my must have's at the moment, that make this girl's life a whole lot easier!

I just recently discovered (through samples at Sephora) this amazing BB Cream. Where has this been all my life and how come I feel like I'm last to hear about it. It illuminates, hydrates and evens out my skins complexion and I can slap it on like moisturizer but get great coverage like I just took a lot of time applying it. So quick and easy. (I'm running out of my Dior samples but just discovered some BB Creams at Target, any suggestions for a girl on a budget or is this something I have to spend big bucks on because honestly it's worth it if so) 
Now let's talk hair, as in I don't ever have time to do it! So it will be no surprise when I say washing my hair doesn't happen everyday, or every other day and well I'm lucky if I get to wash it three times a week but even that is promising. 

My Three Must Haves: Dry Shampoo, Straightener and Cute Hair Accessory

I have been using Dry Shampoos for a while but have fallen in LOVE with this L'Oreal Fresh Dust! Smells good and makes my hair look fierce. (all photos seen in this post I'm rockin' three day old dirty hair but I totally used this stuff before) Go get you some! 

Though I have straight hair I still straighten (or curl) my bangs everyday and this Hana Straightener from Misikko is perfect for just that + so much more!

Because I'm always rushing to even just get my bangs straightened I hate not ever having time to do more with my hair, so I can't emphasize enough how much I adore the sweet Colette Headbands from Oh Sweet Joy. There are so many ways to style them and so easy to throw in your hair! It adds so much flare with so little fuss. Definitely a necessity in my life!
So I bet you're wondering about that Coconut Quench Spry I listed, well I apply my make-up in the morning so by mid afternoon my face needs some freshening up but I often feel dry or what I call "tired face". I received some of the Super Quench Face Spray as a gift but recently saw Nordstrom's Rack was stocked with this stuff! It smells like summer and freshens my face up without me having to reapply my make-up because really nobody gotz time for all dat.
So still on the topic of "time saving" favorites, getting dressed is no different for me. You see I'm not a jeans and t-shirt type of girl. I'm more of a pencil skirt or anything with a Peter Pan Collar type of gal. Take this dress (above) from Kintage for example, with it's lace Peter Pan collar and breathable material. I can dress it down with flats during the day or doll it up a bit with tights + my oxford's if I'm heading out somewhere later that night. Comfy and versatile...yes please!

Now let's talk more about these Colette headbands for a quick sec. I just scored this vintage dress for Elsie and noticed it had the same apple green in it as my headband so I tried it on her and was like "Ummm, why you gotta go and show mama up like that..." No but for real she is too presh and now I need one of every color because if I can share these headbands with Elsie can we say Cha-Ching! As in I'm saving money because it's really two headbands for the price of one. Dolla make me Holla!
But don't fret, sweet Kim of Oh Sweet Joy is offering all you Take the Cannoli readers 10% off her New line of Colette headbands! (they debut today and will be sold out in a jiffy) They come in the sweetest Retro Candy Shop colors too. Think mint, polka dots + so much more BUT there is only a limited amount of each color so skip, no RUN over to her SHOP and purchase yours stat!
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Anonymous said...

i've tried a few bb creams (garnier, maybelline, aveeno etc. and a few testers of high end) and none of them have really impressed me but i recently got lumene's bb cream and it is awesome! by far the best one I have tried! great coverage, nice finish, feels like nothing on (nothing annoys me more than when i can feel make up on my face all day!) good staying power, looks really natural! they sell it at cvs which is great so even if you don't like it or the color is off you can always return it :)

Crystal said...

I love the Garnier BB cream. It has a tint and spf. And, it's reasonable priced. I've been using it for almost a year and it's so light and fresh.

Carly said...

Just ordered the headband, I love it!


Kacia said...

DANG YOU"RE GORGEOUS!!! And i need a Colette tutorial - you ROCK it!

Anya Z said...

I use the Loreal BB cream and I love it! It's like $7 too. I actually first tried it because they had a sample in my magazine, lol. I was impressed and went right out and got some. I've never tried any other one though, so I don't know how it would compare.

Nathyness said...

I love your bag! So perfectly vintage. <3


Shio Waline said...
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