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Friday Faves

It's been a good week. 
A really good week.
I mean not only did I discover the TimerCam App for my iPhone but got to visit with so many smiling faces this week.
From surprise visits from friends (both Molly and Ali brought their troops over) which turned into a spontaneous ice cream party, which quickly became an impromptu worship + dance party (thanks to Micah) 
New/Vintage clothes for the babes arrived, and they couldn't be more presh in their new digs.
Bible study... always learning, always thankful, always good.
More visits from different friends + family
My hubby who loves me and tells me not to cook because he's taking us out just on the day I need it most
Donut Shop runs (because who can say no to the best $1 cinnamon coffee and sprinkled donuts)
Disneyland + dreams coming true 

And now I'm most likely sitting on the beach with my toes in the sand listening to Vernon and Elsie giggle while I watch the waves roll in. 

blessing upon blessing upon blessing.
my heart is so full.

I hope you all have a fab weekend!
(Oh and the winner of the Imaginary Friend Giveaway is Jaime Ulmer! Email me pretty)


Shio Waline said...

Your little girl is such a mini-you!! She is just darling! Is she wearing your green headband?? She rocks it!! I heart all the plaid and stripes in your pics! :)


Hanna said...

You are the cutest!!! I love your pics!! Elsie and Vernon could not be dressed any sharper! Sooooo cute! And you always look amazing! I adore that photo of your husband with the kids singing and dancing! Precious memories!!!

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

love all this pictures! so full of life :) they just make me smile!!!

Brittany Kyte said...

I just discovered your blog! You and your family are adorable:) Love that you love God! Newest follower :)