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Vernon's Birthday Weekend!

Donuts and Disneyland + family and friends = Full Hearts over here. I'm so grateful we decided to have just a simple lunch and some cake for Vernon on Sunday to celebrate his birthday because it left the entire weekend open and stress free. I was even able to go hang with my best girlfriends for a few hours since my girl Tricia flew into town and was able to visit with our Natty and squeeze her sweet baby boy Luca! 
Considering the fact the Vernon turned two and is now entering big boy territory and never-mind the fact that Elsie decided to cut her own bangs Thursday evening which instantly made her look five years older, I didn't cry as much as I thought I would. I did tear up every now and then when looking into each of their faces but just felt incredibly blessed by my sweet family and dear friends this weekend that   I couldn't help but smile.
Now I'm off to finish the last piece of birthday cake for breakfast and dive into this week! 
Go Bless and be blessed this week! 


Annie said...

Happy birthday, Vernon! Those donuts look delicious. That baby is precious. And that cake? YUM.

Hanna said...

Aww Nat, happy birthday to Vernon. You look like you had a fabulous weekend!!!
I adore your photos!!! You look so cute with that green headband and shoes. Love it:) you always look so stylish:) Elsies bangs look really cute. At least she did a good job!
So glad you had such a wonderful weekend!!!

jennifer said...

They do both look so so big! Tear. I love E's bangs. She did a pretty good job :)

Carly said...

Looks like you had a blast!!!! That donut cake? Amazing!


Courtney Ramsey said...

aw i love everything about this day, so precious! that little donut tower is too cute. Glad it was a great weekend!

xo, Courtney

Morgan said...

happy birthday little man!!