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Our Tennessee Travels

We couldn't have been more excited to celebrate the remainder of our Christmas week with Micah's Family in a gorgeous cabin in Gatlinburg, TN. The trip out there was pretty stressful only due to a million people traveling the day after Christmas which we obviously didn't account for and had practically missed our flight with two very tired babes but other than that the trip was amazing!
Cozy Cabin
Smoky Mountains
Quality Family Time
Board Games
Hot Tub
Catching Up
Bundling Up
Snuggling Up
Popcorn Popping
Movie Watching
Long rich days together only resulting in what felt like too short of a trip. Now that we are Home Sweet Home we are longing to hear the laughter of Elsie and Vernon giggling and squealing with their cousins and for our house that only looks like Christmas to feel full and magical again. We had a wonderful trip, one of those trips that you wish was just a little longer so you can soak some more of that time together because you rarely ever get to. 
I hope you are all recovering from these past couple weeks of Holiday goodness as we are doing on our end. I don't want to take down Christmas decor just yet but somehow it doesn't feel like it once did and so it almost makes me sad to leave it up. We our ready to embrace this New Year how about you? 


Courtney said...

this looks like so much fun!!!

xo, Courtney

Hanna said...

Love all your photos Nat!!! I love that Elsie is obsessed with Minnie mouse. How cute is she? Looks like a marvelous time. Family is the best!!!

molly june. said...

so GOOD!
vernon looks so old all of a sudden :(
and i love that head wrap/tie.
and that stripey sweater on you.
BABE alert.

Kasey Lynne said...

Cute pictures! I can't get over how adorable your little ones are.

You had GUTS to travel the day after Christmas girl!