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2012 Recap

You know it's funny to think when a New Year approaches your mind automatically starts planning new goals and dreams. But before making a list and dreaming of new ideas for the upcoming year you can't help but reflect on the past year and where you were a year ago. It's almost a cliche to do a recap, but when I was sitting and talking with Micah about how much we've grown this year and how God has crazy blessed us, I couldn't help but get out the lap top and scroll through the many things I noted and blogged about in 2012. So many opportunities and blessings that I hadn't even set out to achieve or take part in, just happened and because of our Mighty God no less.
I was discussing with Micah how much I've changed as a mama, how much we've changed as a couple and how much I've changed, as a woman of God... for the better, made more beautiful in Him, by my ever loving Father who has bestowed more grace and more blessings this year than any other in my life that I can recall.
I was brought to tears when reading old posts and looking at pictures of the babes. This space is an extension of me, where I log online about my life. The good and the bad, the joys and the sorrows, so of course I would use this space as a reference of the adventure 2012 had me on. The thing is as I was scrolling through old posts I realized there were so many other accomplishments, blessings, milestones and even heartaches that had happened in my life that I didn't blog about. Though they weren't noted here on this space they are logged in my memory and couldn't be more joyful about 2012 and how God blessed my family and I. There were so many new challenges, ventures, opportunities and changes stemmed from this blog and how God used it to transform my life so to speak.
So naturally I decided to share a recap with you all, because why not. If anything it will be great for me to pop back onto this post in 2014 and see where 2013 started.
So without further ado, some of my most memorable blog moments of 2012.
My first DIY was of this bow garland which resulted in being one of the best selling items in my shop
Shared bits and pieces of my heart and the challenges I had faced in 2011
Oh and I opened my shop


Vernon turned ONE
Shared about his pregnancy and labor for the first time Here and Here and Here
I opened about my relationship with God

Was introduced to Sole Hope which God used to change my life
Elsie turned Three

I shared a part of my story that I had never shared before
Flew to Marco Island, FL with Micah
tried out a new hair style 

Shared the Oreo truffle Recipe I bring to almost every party
Micah and I celebrated our Nine Year Anniversary in Style
I talked about Toxic Fears and speaking in front of my church

We flew to Albequerque, NM for grandparents 80th Birthdays
Vernon's first trip to ER 
Hosted our first Sole Hope Shoe Cutting Party

My First Boutique
My First VLOG
shared what you don't see on the blog

My blog was featured in Artful Blogger Magazine
First Stitch Fix
Our family retreat in a Big Bear Cabin

I spoke at my first Blog conference
hosted my bestie's Baby Shower
Attended the Influence Conference which blessed my socks off
Traveled to San Francisco to visit my girl Tricia
Was featured on quite a few soc media platforms because of this simple DIY
Enjoyed tricks and treats with a sweet princess and fierce dragon


Vernon's First Haircut
Shared the Joy with Cost Plus World Market
had a Terrific Thanksgiving


shared what this mama's heart of mine was feeling 
Flew to Gatlinburg,TN for Christmas with the family
My hoops were featured on Disney Baby Blog and in Sew Craft Create Magazine's Winter Issue

I'm telling you, this was quite a year! The crazy thing is I can already see God continuing the work on my heart and preparing me for even bigger things this year. So blessed I tell ya. So very very blessed.
Happy 2013 everyone, let's make it a great one!


Ashley Redburn said...

...and it was the year that I "met" you! That's definitely on the list of my best things about 2012! Love you!

Ashley Redburn said...

...and this is the year that I met you! That's for sure on my favorites list from 2012! Love you!

brittany z said...

Happy New Year. Sweet post & pictures from your year.

Amber Newberry said...

That was precious, I am glad you wrote it :)

molly june. said...

ah, a good year indeed!
you forgot to add "almost made molly my neighbor" ;)


Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Sounds like 2012 was quite a year for you! I hope the goodness continues in 2013 and never stops!!