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christmas recap

Christmas day was magical at our house. Waking up early to make sure Elvis's Blue Christmas Vinyl was ready and set on the record player, adding the few goodies to the stockings, starting the coffee pot and then snapping a few pictures of the clean and wrapped house before the day began. 
We enjoyed the morning with just us, our little family before the rest of my family joined us for lunch. My parents had made the babes the most amazing Tee-Pee and dropped it off the night before! We were able to have it set up along with the other new items we had set up in the sunroom waiting to surprise them come Christmas morn!
We did stockings, sipped coffee, had the babes open their few hits before showing them the new sunroom and then when they were excitingly playing with their new things MIcah and I opened each others gifts and he brought me to tears with the animated family portrait he had commissioned our friend to make for me. It is absolutely beautiful and can't wait to display it in our home!
We loved having the house filled with family all day including the new puppy my Dad bought my mom. Vernon could not get enough of that little guy. 
After singing Happy Birthday to Jesus and eating up his birthday cake which Elsie helped me make we, had to cut the day a little short so we could get our bags packed and everything ready for our six a.m. flight we had scheduled to Knoxville,TN the next day. We were flying out to meet up with Micah's family in a beautiful cabin right outside of Gatlinburg there in Tennessee!
Our day was blessed and couldn't have asked for a more relaxing Christmas Day! I hope your Christmas was beautiful as well!


Bernadette Veenstra said...

I love the picture. Very cool. Especially your threads connecting everything.
And also, I am ashamed of how I didn't get dressed up for Christmas-even staying in. You look amazing. I will take a page from your book next year.=)

Hanna said...

Awwww........I always love your photos!!! That teepee is totally amazing!!! Love it! I bet your Kids were smitten!!! That cake with that tiny garland is so gorgeous!!!! Lovely post Nat!!!! Xoxoxo happy new year:)


The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy the new year!