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Our Cure

My hubby. Their daddy. My best friend is finally home.
After his week in Switzerland he was home for two days before flying out for another week to Baltimore for work. 
Not gonna lie. It was a long week. One filled with two sick babes and a mama hanging on by a mere thread drinking every immune booster and flu fighter to keep me semi healthy as I battled this sick and lonely week with my babes. 
Today he will be home with us and we're all feeling so much better already. 
Daddy was the cure, who knew?
Disneyland, the beach and breakfast for dinner at a local diner awaits us this weekend.
I'm so excited to have us all back together and to get out there and enjoy this beautiful weather as a family.
Hope you all have a blessed weekend. 


Kristine Foley said...

Yay for him coming home!! You are one strong mama. Glad to hear you are all feeling better. Enjoy ure weekend!

Sarah said...

I'm feeling your loneliness. My husband has been gone for 7 days, home for two, then leaves again Monday. It must be that time of year. Here's to lovely husbands and enjoying every moment we have with them. When he is gone, I appreciate what a great partner and dad he is so much more (if that is even possible).

Hanna said...

So happy your hubby is home where he belongs. It really is hard to be alone for long stretches especially when you have multiple children. I didn;t find it so bad when I only had one but now it;s rough! Have a beautiful weekend and please enjoy those babies and your HUBBY!

molly june. said...

so glad you made it through & that he's home safe!
still sad i never made it over. darn sickness kicked my BUTT. i miss you. can we meet at dland soon? tim's off sunday for NINE DAYS in a row! par-tay! xo

Rachel said...

So glad you're feeling better and that your hubby is home! Enjoy it. :)