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You know what happens when your husband is gone for a week and you have the evening open to waste  spend lots of time online looking for much needed clothes for your babes. You know because of course they went through a growth spurt right before the holidays and they for the first time received very little clothing as gifts this year. I know this will make me sound incredibly selfish but because I hate spending money right after the holidays, I decided I would just use all my personal gift cards I had received as gifts on new clothes for the babes ... and the thought of this just made me cringe. Because of course I'd rather spend it on new clothes of or fun things for myself, I mean they were gift cards in my stocking after all. #mommyproblems
So after jumping online to scour the net in hopes of finding some great deals so I could avoid using my own gift cards, I opened my email to find an awesome sale happening from one of my have brands on
Not too long ago a scored some amazing tutus for Elsie from and a pair of my favorite two toned Poetic License heels + remembered them having some pretty legit deals on both children's and women's fashion so I hopped on over there to find loads of (inexpensive goodness for the babes and a few things for me as well) 
Of course while browsing I found these super cute items from B.A.I.T shoes and Betsy Johnson on Zulily as well.
I love that I was able to find lots of affordable yet fashionable and super cute clothes for the babes in the comfort of my home.
Shopping at is like opening a new treasure chest every day. You never know exactly what you'll uncover, but you know gems are waiting. The day's bounty might be whimsical. Classic. Trendy. Eco-friendly. Educational. Or just plain cute. The only thing is each brand only last for a couple of days so you have to jump on it fast before it's all gone!
Happy Shopping friends!

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molly june. said...

so cute. love zulily. it can get my in lots of trouble ;)