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weekend scenes via iPhone

Daddy, Disneyland, Donuts and Dolphins! 
(yes we really saw loads of dolphins this weekend)
Our family weekend with all of us back together under one roof was filled to the brim with us getting out and about together. The weather was divine and having Micah home was even better.
I had originally planned on taking a half day alone while Micah got some quality daddy time in with the kids so I could finish stitching up some goodies for the shop... of course I couldn't help but be pulled into their web of fun!
I told Micah they are all my weakness. I just want us all to be together, all the time.
(I did sneak some stitching time in at the beach while they frolicked in the ocean)
Aside from Micah being home, the babes were finally 100% better which meant we were able to go to church for the first time this New Year. #thankyouJesus
Of course with the weather continuing its course of awesom-sauce we somehow made our way back to the beach even though we had made completely different plans for after church! 
(no complaints from me)

I loved soaking in our time together and also

the smells of the ocean
the sun
the sand between my toes
their laughs
their cries
their hugs
their cuddles
s'more making
no naps being taken
falling asleep together on the couch with Micah
sitting in church service with my man
oh and so much more.

This was a goodie.


shannon said...

Bubs finally got you guys to try eating sand, huh?

the little things said...

looks like you had a perfect weekend! happy youre all together. + love your dresses!

Rachel @ Polka Dots and Lemonade said...

Such a sweet family. I'm so glad that you guys had such a great time!

Sarah Tucker said...

You're kiddos are adorable! What a fun weekend! If only Texas looked like that...

Hanna said...

These pics are fantastic, In fact they make my heart happy inside!You look so beautiful all the time. I don't how you manage it:) I love that you are there stitching away on the beach:) Blessing yo you today my friend!

Olia said...

Hello! Love your stuff! I am one of your new followers we would love for you to stop by my blog & follow as well.
Would be so well appreciated!

Julie Marie said...

i having been loving all your istagram beach pics lately. its a frigid 7 degrees here today in wisconsin. your family is so precious...xo