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some of our scenes

Though our thoughts were clouded and our hearts were aching this past weekend we were still so blessed by the events we took part in and the quality family time we got in together this weekend. It seems like we can get caught up in all the holiday craziness but we made sure that we would be together no matter what plans came up. Even if that meant facing the shops to get the last of our shopping done with the wee ones!
Our weekend was packed full of goodness.
Friday night pizza party with friends
Lash Extensions done by my girlfriend from Wink Lash Studio
Saturday Christmas shopping
Saturday Family Naps
Children's Christmas Choir at church
(Micah helped 
with the kids choir and so it was just a fun filled evening watching all those sweet faces belt out "away in a manger" and "silent night". 

Something about watching the innocence of a child singing songs about our coming King after the weeks events was just good for the soul. I don't think I could ever tire of watching little ones sing their hearts out.)

Picture taking
Christmas Sweaters
Elsie in rare form (as you can tell from photos)
Christmas Birthday Parties
Old Friends
New friends
Donut Eating
Recovering from family colds
Del Taco in the car while driving around admiring neighborhood lights with Christmas music blaring on KOST radio.
Fireplace burning and gingerbread latte sipping.
Great family weekend indeed. 
Now I'm off to make my list of everything we need to get taken care of before we celebrate our Savior's birth!!


Lynette Marie said...

Such sweet photos of the children! We recently had a Christmas concert at my church, and it's just so heart-warming to see kids singing about the Lord.

You look absolutely gorgeous here, by the way. I've had blonde hair for a couple years now, but used to have hair like yours, and you're making me miss it!

Alana Taylor said...

You are so adorable! An your husband is so... Dapper. No other word fits better than "dapper". And, of course, those kids of yours can't help but be cute!

Hanna said...

These are such beautiful and wonderfully festive photos!!! I adore them!!! your family is so beautiful!!!!! Oh and the lash extensions are to die for!!! I wish I could afford some, I'd get them in a hot second:) happy holidays friend!! Your beautiful!!!! Xoxox Hanna

jillian at faith that laughs. said...

Love these pictures!! so cute!

Kara said...

Love Elsie in these pictures! Too cute!

Brooke said...

Your pictures are adorable!

=) Brooke

shannon said...

Girlfriend is wearing me out with those chola fish lips.

Shio Waline said...

WOW, here I thought I had a busy weekend! ;) I have been wanting lash extensions for so long, yours look great! And your little girl is so stinkin' cute with her "fish lips", lol! Love your knotted headband too! Have a lovely week!


Hollie said...

that blue reindeer sweater is boss! Where'd it come from??

Melinda said...

Lovely photos- you have such a beautiful family!