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our weekend

My very full weekend in a flash:
Vintage Market shopping with Molly Poo
Our babies are so cute together
Cho-Choo Trains til no end
Visiting with friends
Lash Extensions
Visits from Grandma
Rain, Rain and more Rain
Dinner with our lovely friends
Elf Fun
Family Picture Taking

This weekend seemed to fly by. It was filled with so much goodness that when I woke this morning my heart kind of sank. I looked over at Micah's side of the bed to see he had already left for the gym + work. I was sleeping so hard I missed his sweet morning kiss on my forehead. All I want to do right now is put on a fire and sit around while he reads Christmas stories to us all. 
Though I'm wishing the weekend was still here I'm ready for this week and all the holiday festivities and events we have lined up.
I'm also seeking God's Grace and Mercy this week. I know it will be busy and can feel my heart becoming quite anxious. Praying for strength to seek Him first and to have an extra out pour of patience and kindness towards my babes. I do not want the hustle and bustle to get me so frazzled the I can't enjoy the sweet and tender moments of the season with my wee ones.
Speaking of sweet moments, we decided to do the Elf on the Shelf this year and Elsie was tickled silly when she found Cornbread (yes she named our Elf Cornbread) sipping tea with all her Minnie Mouse Friends!
Hoping you all have a wonderful week making it Merry and Bright!


Kimberly said...

I love your family picture especially your dog!!

Michele Perez said...

Cornbread! I love it!!!

Courtney said...

aw your family photos look adorable!!!!

xo, Courtney

Danielle said...

Your family picture is GORGEOUS!! You have a beautiful family inside & out!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Looks like a fun weekend! LOVE your family picture!! :) Happy Monday! xo Holly

shannon quiggle said...

D and I wish we had known about Elf on the Shelf when B was still a "tot". What a fun and funny way to celebrate each day of the season with the kiddos.

Anonymous said...

Your family pictures turned out gorgeous!!!

Brooke said...

Your so pretty!
What a cute picture of you and the fam!


Heather Myers said...

Your family photos is amazing!! Love the setup... and of course your family is beautiful.

molly june. said...

oh HEY. there i am on your blog!!
hehe. i love youuuuuuu. i had so much fun with you!!

Hanna said...

You and your family are so gorgeous!!! WOW. New here. I have noticed your button on a few blogs I follow. Definitely a new folloer here too! I'd love to meet you sometime:) xoxooxo Hanna