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Thankful for these peeps!

I love how November is a time to reflect on what we're thankful for. Though we should be thankful everyday for what God has blessed each of us with, I still love seeing social media flood with Facebook posts, tweets, instagrams of things others are thankful for this season! Personally I'm thankful for so many things but today I'm especially thankful for the amazing sponsors and friends that are filling my sidebar this month!

Each and every one of these peeps are awesome! I asked them to tell me a fave holiday tradition, food item or memory to share and so today I'm so happy to introduce you to a few of them and hope that you will take a minute to check out there blogs and or shops. Seriously, these gals are fab and you'll be so grateful you stopped by each of their happy places today!

So enough of me and on to your Tuesday Treat!
Casey Wiegand
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Hi! I am Casey Wiegand and I blog over at CaseyLeigh. I am also a writer for Disney Baby and Simple Design! I am a mama of three and wife to one. My favorite food for the holidays is definitely pumpkin pie with hot chocolate!!!!
Hey ladies! My name is Erin and I write over at Living In Yellow. Thanksgiving has got to be one of my favorite Holidays for one reason and one reason only, the food (obviously). However, preparing the food has some major drawbacks (ie: yanking the frozen neck out of the turkey..muscle spasms for days after that task). If you need a quick "How to Dominate Thanksgiving" post, I have one for you. Enjoy ;) Click HERE for a hilarious post!
Hi y'al, my name is Alissa and I blog over at Rags to Stitches. I'm a wife, mom, mompreneur (yup, it's a word, I promise) and friend. All of my favorite memories of Thanksgiving are centered around family and being surrounded by those I love. Growing up we would invite all of our friends over for an open house and my mom would cook this incredible meal and we would all gather, laugh and share in the joy of the season together. Even now, we get together with family and friends for Thanksgiving and share what we are most thankful for and it's truly an incredible day. I do have to be honest though, thanksgiving for me is all about the yams and marshmallows, I'm not a big turkey fan. eek! #thereisaidit
Hey, hey my name is Alli and I blog over at Life on LeRoy.  I live in Wisconsin with my charming, energetic 3-year old Dayton, and my handsome, hardworking husband, Tony. My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is the after-meal nap of course:) When your belly is full and you literally have to roll yourself to the couch and take a long Thanksgiving nap! Stop by and say hello, I would LOVE to meet you! xoxo
I'm Jess Judkins I blog at My Little Mustache and I crochet at My Charming Colors. SAHM to my honeymoon baby Judah and wife to my nerdy engineer/worship leader Scott. Growing up we really didn't get to celebrate holidays, my father forgot about them and forgot about us. So as an adult my husband and I decide to celebrate anything and everything we can and that means every holiday we try to make it extra special. For Thanksgiving one of our traditions is the night before we will grab our favorite root beer at Wegmans and drink a bottle in the parking lot. 
Gina + Bianca
Hi there, we're Gina + Bianca the sisters behind Lotus Blossom Design! Our favorite Turkey Day memories are being together at our grandmothers house. We appreciate these memories even more being on different coasts.  All of us cousins would get into trouble in our grandparents basement snooping for our Christmas gifts or getting locked in the cellar/hatch doors that led from the basement to outside. It was always a fun adventure when we all were together.

Nat here, aren't they all fab!? Seriously love this bunch! Okay I'm off to stalk some of their blogs some more before I start the day, I encourage you to do the same!

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courtney {splendid actually} said...

so fun to be able to read all these short stories in one place! great post :)