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our weekend

Friday night I hung out with sweet Shan until the sun almost came up and then drove home. It was awesome.
I did however wake up Saturday morning so tired my face hurt and still haven't fully recovered from the lack of sleep, then you throw in the time change and my brain is completely off schedule.
That is okay, because I'm looking forward to the rest of today to have a mellow Monday and nap with the babes.
the rest of our weekend consisted of:
lounging around
enjoying too many Starbucks treats in red cups
pretend fishing
Del Taco at the beach while watching the sunset
made lots of messes
ate lots of goodness
hung out with friends
celebrated Eden turning one (don't you want to squish her)
went to church 
visited my parents
stitched some orders
annnd not a whole lot of anything else.

It was a quiet and relaxing weekend filled with love and laughter, friends and family. 
Our hearts our full.


Brooke said...

So excited about the red Starbucks cups! Yea, defiantly the holidays!

Del Taco-Yumm!



~ko said...

What a great weekend! We go "fishing" with our littles all the time ;) And that cake is so simple and gorgeous!

Nicole @ the style hatch said...

Looks like so much fun! You officially make me want to wear sneakers with a dress (so cute)! Glad you had a great weekend friend! xo

Anonymous said...

I dont know what to say. This blog is fantastic. Thats not really a really huge statement, but its all I could come up with after reading this. You know so much about this subject. So much so that you made me want to learn more about it. Your blog is my stepping stone, my friend. Thanks for the heads up on this subject.

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

That sounds like a good weekend to me!