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Stitch Fix: quatro

Disclaimer: I felt almost silly posting this after such an eventful night of our nation deciding the direction we will be going these next four years, but then I thought, since I already had it typed and ready to post, that maybe something on the lighter side would be just what we all need.

Disclaimer #2: with the time change and Micah getting home after the sun sets these photos were snapped with the iPhone, in bad lighting and so, well I'm sorry. #dealwithit
Now onto the actual post.

I have to say, I'm have become more and more excited with each Stitch Fix box that gets delivered to my doorstep each month. It started as a fun new thing to test out and has now become something I look forward to.
If you haven't seen my other fixes I'd suggest you check them out first HERE, HERE and HERE.

Stitch Fix is a fun and easy way to keep your wardrobe up-to-date. They get your style and size preferences, then send you a package of stylish goodies to try on at home, in your closet, with your favorite jeans and heels or skirts and flats!

If you checked out my last fix HERE you would've seen I purchased the whole box. Another one of their perks is if you buy the whole sha-bang you get %25 off your entire order! 

The only problem with my last fix being so awesome was I set the bar for my next box a little too high... when I received this month's fix I was surprisingly a tad disappointed. Not at first because I actually LOVED all the clothes when I opened the box. It was the fit that threw me off. It was just one of those things, a skirt was too loose or a top just wasn't flattering on.Even though they were the correct size and all. 
Just see for yourself.
This warp shirt was so cute but for some reason I felt super frumpy in it, I had to tuck it in the back more to make it look more flattering in the front, but then it would drape too much and would have to tug on it in the back. Not to mention I I obviously have an issue with the sleeves, I mean look at the first two shots... Why is one sleeve up and the other pulled down? It's like I can't decide whether I'm hot or cold and that was exactly how I felt about the shirt in general.
Now this lace Cardi is cute, but there was something about the lace I didn't care for. Plus the silk in between the buttons wouldn't lay right and so it made the buttons pucker on me (I know It's just because I wasn't "filling it out" in some areas) and so it just did nothing for me.
I loved this next skirt! The colors were so fun and had a million tops to mix and match with it, that is until I tried it on. It was totally the correct size and everything but it just hung on me. In this picture I actually have it gathered in the back and I'm pulling on it to look fitted. I tried pulling it lower to sit on my hips but then it just looked unflattering so I was bummed it was another one going in the return pile.

Unfortunately the next top I tried on did not fit at all. It hung way too loosely and I couldn't figure out how to style it without looking utterly ridiculous so I didn't even bother taking a picture. 
I did however try on the last piece in the box and fell instantly in love. 
It's a dress! Are you surprised?! Me either.
The bold red, with the touch of black was just so fun and perfect for any upcoming Christmas parties or events! 
It actually worked out that not everything fit this time around because I was just looking for a new statement piece and I received just that! 
I like that these boxes may have one item that is a perfect statement piece to add to my collection, but then another box can have everything I need to change up the wardrobe a bit for a new season! 
The thing is, the whole process is so fun and I love being able to mix and match shoes and blouses, accessories and bottoms to try and make each piece work. Because let's be real, I don't have the luxury of time to do that in a store with two littles and I definitely don't have all of my own closet with me when out and about, so I still get to really enjoy playing dress up in the comfort of my home!
I also love that with Stitch Fix I have my own personal stylist so I can just holla at my girl and let her know what I loved or didn't love and give her a request for particular items in my next fix or tell her what I'd like to stay away from... like unflattering tops for example. I can request accessories to be thrown in and maybe some pants since the whether should be cooling down, but who am I kidding all this girl wants is more dresses every time!
If you haven't scheduled your first fix yet I highly recommend getting on the waiting list HERE (that's right they are that awesome they have a waiting list) It would be the perfect time to have a stylist find you that cute little number you have had trouble finding for your upcoming holiday events! 
Seriously get on it peeps, it's awesome!

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Brooke said...

Love, love, lOve your outfits!

Rachel said...

That dress is so cute! But I agree about the first blouse you tried just didn't look like it was working for you.

Blair @ Wild and Precious said...

whoa chick! hot mamma!!

great minds think a like too -- i posted my last fix today too. ;) looooove you!

Susan said...

Love the dress on you! Very cute. And is the pencil skirt yours already? Because if not, you must keep it. Fits like a glove.

Katie said...

i love all of them! but that dress especially! you look beautiful!

the domestic fringe said...

Love the dress. Looks fabulous on you.


Victoria Mason said...

That dress is divine! I love the tips in your hair and that sweater too! Found you via the pleated poppy!

Natalia Lynn said...

Girl , you're so cute! What a fun idea, the stitch fix box! I love the last dress on you, you look fabulous! And you're right, it's perfect for the holidays! Super cute!! :)

Bernadette Veenstra said...

That dress is great! Everything else is so-so! Oh well-one out of 5 isn't bad.=)

Nicole said...

I'm coveting that red dress! You look great in it.
Love all the outfits. You have great style!
Stopping by from WIWW.

Carisa said...

wow this seems sooo awesome...although i would get nervous id buy the whole box! Love that dress, i would have chosen it too its way cuter than the rest of the stuff!!

stopping by from wiww


Kate @ DCL said...

wow! those outifts are adorable :) Definitely going to have to check them out now :)

Elena said...

Beautiful outfits! The red dress is adorable-love it!

sasha said...

Hi! I found your blog from pleated poppy!
I love your blue ombre hair! I always wanted to do something crazy with my hair, but thought my hair was too dark to do anything with. but seeing how amazing it looks on your hair, i might have to try it out!!

Chelsea Lennox said...

I honestly love all of these things on you, hahaha. That red dress is like VA VA VOOM though. I think it was MADE for you! I'd love to sign up for Stitchfix one day when I have the extra money!

Kristen said...

GAH! Obsessed with that dress. It's fantastic on you!! I actually like the first top tucked into the pencil skirt. But I have one like that and it never just 'feels' right. ::::running to stitch fix::::

Lotus Blossom Design said...

love that dress! the others do look cute in the picture but completely understand the pinching in the back so the pic looks good lol xo

Ali said...

i hope you kept the dress. You are a knockout in it!