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Scenes from the Weekend

We bought a bike trailer off of craigslist on Friday so that basically sums up our weekend. We rode our bikes to get dinner, to go look for garage sales, for just cruising the neighborhood, for a trip to Target. It was awesome and we couldn't get enough. If the babes were awake we were crusin' on the bikes!

I also caught up on lots of orders this weekend and started on some new creations. That was good for my soul to be able to relax with Micah on the couch and be creative at the same time. 

We tried on costumes and then of course wore said costumes out to dinner. HAHA! 

Micah's Aunt and cousin were visiting so we were able to sneak out for a date Saturday night! No pictures of us but you better believe I took a pic of our amazing dessert!

A very low key weekend indeed over here! How was yours?


Monica said...

It looks and sounds like a great weekend! xx - Monica

~ko said...

Low key for us too! Looks like yours was as sweet as can be! We love our bike trailer too! Makes for such fun outings. The only thing I will warn you about is that it sits a tad more to the left than you would think. My hubs was pulling the boys one morning as I followed behind. He thought he was staying in the middle of the sidewalk we were on but caught the left tire of the trailer on a tree branch and well......I'm pretty sure I looked like super women leaping from my bike, arms out as if I could catch the trailer while it was upside down and in the air! Oy Vey! Thankfully know one was hurt, but we certainly cruise a little more to the right these days :) Happy Monday to you :)

Kelley Jordan said...

Every time you post a pic of In N Out, I get so jealous! :)