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Home Tour Glance & Giveaway Winner!

So I just want to preface this post by saying that I love seeing glimpses into homes of bloggers I follow. You start to have this real connection with them as people so getting an idea of their home style just adds so much more to that bond, well for me anyway. 
Strangely enough I have been asked a number of times to do a Home Tour of my house because of a few things I have instagramed here and there. I would love to do a home tour on the blog, but let's be real, my house is in shambles most days and I don't even have all our rooms completed. I have a stack of artwork that needs to be framed and displayed, I have a guest bedroom that needs some serious TLC and I still only have one of Vernon's wall complete. That is mainly because one full wall is sliding glass doors which are hidden by boring curtains and secondly the opposite wall of the one decorated is where his crib sits and this boy will tear anything and everything off of it so I have left it pretty much bare.

One day when all my art is hung and each room is complete (to my standards anyway) I would love to share our home with you. 

Today however you get to peek into our home. I decided to take some photos of the artwork we have displayed in our home from a very special artist. I didn't realize how many pieces we've acquired from him over the years and that there was something in almost every room of our home of his!
Dave Quiggle is a dear family friend, honestly he is just family. His style of art is all his own and we have quite a few one of a kind treasures that grace the walls of the Ensor household. 

I can not wait for you all to meet him tomorrow on the blog and to see what HUGE surprise I have in store for you from him but for now enjoy your glance into our home.

Oh and please be warned, I may have a thing for wall collages...

I love this piece. We received this print from Davey when we moved to our Dana Point house and away from him as a next door neighbor. She is truly unique and all her own. She now hangs in our living room, she fits perfectly with our mod decor. 
This piece was given to me as a Christmas gift a few years back. I deemed "No day is complete without a tasty treat" my life's motto and he created this beauty for me! I love it and see it every time I pass through our dining room into the kitchen.
This was the first piece I ever received from Davey. Micah had ordered something for my birthday from him the first September we were neighbors. Micah asked him to create something that reflected the two of us and he came up with this! It's like a Snow White + Elvis interpretation of us. So perfect! I need to get this reframed, but love it so much. For now it sits in our sunroom amongst the other bright colors until I have it reframed for the master bedroom.
Below is a snippet of Elsie's room... I believe she has the most of Davey's artwork collected in one space. 
She has the baby shower invitation he created for her. The birthday gift they gave is framed on her bookshelf and is a representation of me preggo with Elsie. I love this print and have had it displayed in every room she's had since her nursery. The newest addition to her room are the Limited Edition Bee Hive and Victory Rolls prints of the girls displayed on her ballet bar collage wall. 
 Flapper Rag Doll pictured with framed invite c/o - Aubrey Plays
Collage wall
Vintage Button E c/o - my mama
Victory Roll + Bee Hive prints c/o - Dave Quiggle
all other framed items are vintage
vintage fabric garland c/o - me but can find very similar here
I was given a matching preggo print for Vernon's room except this time Elsie is pictured with me. So sweet huh?
Just like most walls in my house they are very eclectic filled with handmade goodness plus some vintage flare. 

 Vernon's name is a Watercoler Painting c/o - Kate
Number Mustace print c/o - sugar fresh
vintage button letter V c/o - my mama
silouhette - disneyland 
hoops c/o- me
This is our sitting slash reading room. Though it doesn't have any of Davey's artwork on it (yet) it is one of my favorite walls in the house. There are odds and ends that have been picked up at flea markets from across the states which were part of different travels Micah and I have done together. 
The antique mirror is a family heirloom from Italy that was a wedding present to my parents from her great Aunt and was given as a house warming gift to us a year ago. I love this mirror. I have seen it almost everyday since I was born and is such a part of my life. Besides all the fun vintage art there are some really rad photos from both sides of our family hidden amongst the spread. 

Happy Wednsday all! Hope you enjoyed taking a short tour through our home (though it was more like a quick walk through, pushing you past the hill of unfolded laundry and tripping over the toys while I rush you along avoiding eye contact with the guest room and bathrooms!)

Oh and before I forget I have the winner of the Celebration Group Giveaway! 
Drumroll please...
***Delaney Faye Rogers*** 
***email me girlie you just scored big time!***

Remember to stop back by tomorrow for a real treat!


Lora said...

your house makes me smile. a lot. :)

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

Love love love everything about it!!

Kimmie @ Sugar and Dots said...

That's a whole lot of "courtesy of" goodies! How'd you get Disneyland to gift you a silhouette?! Teach me your ways! I have always wanted one of our family. :) Your home makes me crave coffee and a good conversation. Can we make that happen? xoxo

Aubrey said...

such a happy collection!! What a fun peek ;)
thank you!

Cara H said...

HOLY CRAP this Davey character is a freaking ARTIST. What amazing talent!

TessBenson said...


Grace martin said...

Love everything! especially the "baby mama" print! haha

Alyson McMahon said...

Wow. The walls in your home are absolutely phenomenal!!! All of the vintage pieces are just to die for. Especially that mirror. Wow. Can't wait to one day see all of it.

Lauren @ Pink on the Cheek said...

i NEED to see this house in person. it so fabulous I cannot believe it's real!!! i imagine it's like disneyland i your house at all times. just pure magic.