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I've recently started to read this book and will re-read it once I finish it tonight. It is awesome. That is all I will say about it (for now) otherwise I will be talking about this book right through nap time. 

"Words of encouragement have their own power. And when said by the right people, they can change everything... The words people say to us not only have a shelf life but have the ability to shape our life" - Bob Goff author of Love Does

You know these past few weeks I have been studying through the proverbs with the SHE READS TRUTH community. There was a lot of wisdom poured out through those scriptures, lots of verses that stopped me dead in my tracks having be check my own heart and other versus that just filled my soul with His goodness.
I felt that  through those chapters much was spoken about our words. About gossip and negative comments. About tearing others down to build yourself up and how we are to steer clear of all that nonsense.

I started becoming way more conscience about the words I spoke and the manner I did so. 

Then I also remember reading how we can build each other up in Prov 27:17 "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."
(Nat & I in NY a few months back)
I can't help but think of this past weekend. How a spontaneous shopping trip with my best friend turned into me sitting in the passenger seat of her car sobbing because of the encouraging words she spoke to me and of me. She told me why she loved me and how God has blessed us both with this amazing friendship. She told me so many other truths that is written in God's word about myself that I have failed to except because I don't feel like I deserve to. 
Those words did something to me. They not only made my heart swell up with so much love for this girl but it helped me reframe my thinking about myself. She reminded me of God's goodness and all that He has done in my life and is continuing to do. God used her to speak directly to the core of my heart. Those words helped sharpen me and ultimately re-shape me. 

Her words were just like Proverbs 25:11 speaks of . A word fitly spoken, is like apples of gold in setting off silver" 
Meaning that her timely advice was just as lovely as golden apples in a silver basket.

Do you realize your words have power people? I'm not talking about with just your friends, but with our children and spouses. Our bloggy friends and to those strangers at the grocery store. 
There are multiple scripture pertaining to the things we say.
It speaks of encouraging, testifying, giving blessing & praise, showing thankfulness, avoiding gossip, to stay clear of hurtful words or angry tongues. There are so many references to this and it's because I'm learning that there truly is Power behind our words. 

Think back: 
Was there a time that words from another hurt you deeply?

How about blessed your socks off?

Were you complimented unexpectedly making your day turn around? 

Were you screamed at my a road-rager while driving only to leave you feeling wounded or violated?

What about this week, did you speak bitterly about another or perhaps talk kindly about a friend while others were tearing them down? 

Did you snap at your hubby or scream at the kids for doing that one thing you asked them not to for the umteenth time?

I can answer yes to all of the above. 

I know that after all is said and done I want to recognize the power behind the words I speak. I pray that I will build up others and not tear them down. That I would bless rather than say harsh things even if I'm upset. I want not only my heart but my speech to be filled with His praise and worship.

"Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in your sight O Lord."- Psalm 19:14

Just like my Natty spoke encouraging words to me, in an unglamorous way, sitting in the car, she spoke truth and it rang clear. It doesn't have to be some grand thing to speak a kind word to another. 
Even leaving a blog comment on anothers blog post you enjoyed or maybe a post you wept with, what an opportunity to let them know you were encouraged or better yet that you know what they're going through even if just reading through the screen.

Or an email to a friend can do the same thing. 

It can encourage.

After reading today's devotion from the new She Reads Truth: Galations Reading Plan, I realized something. 
There is greater power in God's words than any other kind word spoken from another. His truths and promises. His love and grace... all for me. I'm so undeserving, yet He still continues to bless my heart and lift my spirits. I pray that I will use God's words to shape and form me into the person He wants me to be. 



Alexis said...

This is truly a great post and reminder. I am just about finished reading the New Testament and looking for a good Women's devotional. I think I will look into She Reads Truth.

What you said about, people's words, good and bad, shaping who we are is sooooo true. I can remember hurtful things said to me when I was 6. CRAZY how that stuff sticks with you. On the flip side, I can also remember the exact people that encouraged me.

Anywho.. this post was a blessing to me today. Love you faith!


Kristen said...

Yes yes yes!!!!!!!! I looovvveeee this!!!! Amen sister!!! Thanks for sharing such beautiful truth!!!!

No(dot dot)el said...

This is so good. I have been reminded it seems around every corner about the power of words. I love how God is able to use us in this way. We get to choose life or death every day in the way we talk, and I am so thankful for reminders like this that keep me choosing LIFE! Great post Nat ;)