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Celebrating with Dave Quiggle

If you've been following along this past month you are fully aware or grossly annoyed in the fact that I'm celebrating this new milestone of my life in which I will be turning thirty and so I'm celebrating by giving away some of my favorite things from some of my favorite people throughout the month.
Today is especially exciting because the featured artist is a very close friend, almost like family... well let's just say a very rad person who creates some pretty amazing artwork in a multitude of mediums and who I duped, who is graciously joining in the celebration.
If you haven't yet you need to check out yesterday's post HERE in  which I featured just a few of the pieces of his artwork we have displayed in our home, not to mention the pieces of art that are embedded under Micah's skin. Seriously, I'd say about forty percent of Micah's tattoos were done by Dave himself.These two below are hands down my favorite, I may be biased though.
Now without further ado allow me to introduce you to 
Dave Quiggle!
Dave Quiggle is an artist who works in a variety of creative fields including illustration, design and tattoo art. He largely works within the music scene creating album artwork and shirt design as the art director for the independent hardcore record label Facedown Records. Although originally beginning his career within the mid-nineties hardcore scene, Dave's client base has grown to include such musical acts as The Ramones, Paramore and Michael Jackson. Outside of music Dave has shown work at galleries in Los Angeles and New York City with his vision of pop culture, American traditional tattoo styles and all things mystifying and beautiful.

You can find his...
shop HERE
Facebook HERE
Tweets HERE 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Ummm, did you all catch that. Michael Jackson, The Ramones and Paramore! The thing is these names are just the tip of the iceberg! Davey has worked with a plethora of Huge bands and big name brands! Below are a few of my favorite album covers, t-shirt designs and art prints he has created.

Amazing right?!  He is just so talented and never ceases to amaze me with each new design he cooks up! For example take these hot little numbers below which aren't even available in his shop yet! These designs are a slight departure from his traditional style of artwork he is known for. So all this to say these new prints are must haves for our house. 
Woodsy + Vintage flaire = Swoon Worthy
by:Dave Quiggle
 Titled: "waiting"
by Dave Quiggle

To think one of you could win this amazing set of prints! EEEK SO EXCITING!
This is an exclusive early release as a part of my birthday celebration, and I couldn't be more thrilled!  These won't be available until next week in Dave's shop, so what an awesome opportunity for one lucky person to score this ridiculous prize.

How can you win you ask? Use rafflecopter below to enter the mandatory fields. To increase your chances of winning click on the optional entries as well!
Good luck!

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sewingseed said...

Oh my! How gorgeous is his work?!? Love it!! Thanks for sharing :)

Velvet said...

So blessed to know you people. Gorgeous art and home!

DawnaHartman said...

I love those prints. Like, LOVE.

molly june. said...

what the what? bananas! he is crazy talented.

Belcheryl said...

I love anthropomorphic everything!!!

Belcheryl said...

I love anthropomorphic everything!!!