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Summer Sale + Giveaway Winner!

Just in case you missed it on instagram, twitter or even Facebook, I'm having a huge summer sale in the shop. 

My girlfriend asked me after she saw the instagram of the sale why I was doing that when the shop is booming and the orders are rolling in. 
Well in short. Because I can. HAHA! 
No but really, it's because I am really busy with orders right now. Well I'm really busy with a lot of things and just need to do this. God has been blessing me so much with so many opportunities for so many different things so why not bless all of you in return. 
You may or may not know, but my shop is primarily run off of custom orders. The pieces that are available in the shop are ones I create in between and in this case left over from the boutique I recently was a vendor at. I'm actually only going to be taking a handful more of custom orders for this month because I really want to focus on being able to create new things. I have a whole notebook full of ideas I want to have in the shop for the Fall but haven't been able to sit and draw up stuff because I'm so busy recreating old pieces that have been requested or designing custom pieces. I haven't been able to just sit and be creative. 
So I thought what better time than now to clear out what's in the shop and have all pieces shipped before this weekend. I say this weekend because I have some big plans. Big plans that consist of doing a whole lot of nothin. Micah booked us a quaint little cabin up in Big Bear Lake for next week and I'm so looking forward to relaxing and renewing not only my spirit but my mind. I need some fresh air and some quiet time with my family.

By cleaning up the shop and finishing these last few custom orders before the trip somehow makes me feel much less stressed. I have no idea why? All orders are set on my time fitting into my schedule and I could have easily put a note in the shop stating all orders would be shipped the following week when I return, but I couldn't help feel anxious, like I was going away on this vacay and leaving unfinished business behind. 
So the Summer Sale is really just for peace of mind for me. You all basically benefitted from me being a lil' cray cray these past few days. 
I will be honest, most of the pieces sold within the first hour of the sale but there are still a few up to be snagged. I can almost guarantee I won't ever have a sale this big again so if there is something you see that you want, snag it! Perfect time to stock up on future gifts! 

Oh and before I forget, the winner of the 500 follower Giveaway is Randee Loya!! Email me sweet thang to collect your winnings! 

Happy Shopping!

side note: any issues with the shop you may have experience yesterday have been resolved and it is up and running. I also cleaned the shop up a bit so you don't have to scroll through all the sold out pieces.Whatever is available can easily be found now.

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Unknown said...

Yay, winner, winner chicken dinner! Thanks Nat for sharing what God is doing in your life <3