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Humbled and Honored

Some of you emailed about my blog Banner feature recently in Artful Blogging. Some of you caught glimpses of my excitement through instagram and some of you saw it for the first time here on the blog from the recent photos of this past weekend. 
I wasn't going to post about it or make much of it because I don't like to make much of myself. However I also didn't want this fun success to be overlooked because I realized that this wasn't really about me at all but was from the Lord, plus dear sweet Molly who is the designer of my blog and banner deserved much credit!!! Though I worked with her trying to achieve the right aesthetic that portrayed me, she is still the one who created it, so really she deserves the shout out. 
Molly you rock my world!
I was so honored when Stampington & Company Publications emailed me asking to be part of their favorite banners portion of the magazine... okay lets be real, I thought the email was either spam or that they had made a mistake. Once I realized it was the real deal I called Micah and started squealing excitedly about what I just read, certain he had no idea what I was saying because I was running around the house talking faster then ever! He was excited but I blurted that I had to call Molly and hung up. I called her and told her the news and she was just as excited!
Then that was it. I didn't mention it to anyone else and wasn't even certain I would end up in the actual magazine because I've dealt with publication stuff before and once editing time comes around you might not make the cut... I didn't want to sound boastful or even worse toot my own horn when there was no parade to march in. 
Then out of nowhere, last week, as I was leaving church I was scrolling through my instagram feed (because that's what you do when you are free to look at the phone again, am I right?!) only to find Heather from Life Made Lovely had posted a picture of the magazine featuring my banner! I was floored. I walked in from bible study without saying a peep, held up my phone for Micah to see the image that was displayed on the instagram screen and then he looked at me and smiled, which then of course lead to me doing a little BIG happy dance. 
I had been waiting for my copy to come in the mail (which I still haven't received) So I took it upon myself to visit my nearest Barnes and Nobles just to check it out. Then I did it again two days later just to make sure it was real.
The thing is I thought it was going to be a two page spread of tons of Blog Banners and that I would be in the mix somewhere. But there on the pages of this delightful magazine were six banners. Six total. One being mine, and that my friends had me no longer happy dancing but humbled to the core. I always say that God doesn't just love us but that He REALLY loves us. Like one speaker said at a women's conference I once attended,
"I know my mama loves me when she pulls the freshly baked biscuits from the oven, places one on the plate in front of me and spreads butter on it, but I know she REALLY loves me when she smothers it with her homemade jam too."
And that's just what God does, he doesn't just stop at a little goodness he smothers us with more and more and I can never wrap my head around why? 
His love is beyond our understanding so don't try to, because we are undeserving of it. 
Thank you God for this opportunity and for bringing sweet sweet Molly into my life. 

"Make thankfulness your sacrifice to God, and keep the vows you made to the Most High. Then call on me when you are in trouble, and I will rescue you,and you will give me glory.”
~Psalm 50:14


Clara {Clover and Violet} said...

Congratulations! How exciting, I love your blog and all of your beautiful creations! Your banner is so sweet!

Carly said...

So exciting!!!! Congrats!


Heidi Toevs said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I bet you and Molly are over the Moon!

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Wild and Precious said...

wahooo!! so fun!!!! xo

Crystal Taylor said...

Congrats!!! :)