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My new "fix"

I don't know about you but every time Back-to-School time rolls around I get that itch to go shopping for clothes. It never fails. It's been that way, well since I was in school I guess. 
The thing is shopping doesn't come easy for me anymore. It's not like I became a mom and shopping became a forgotten outing, in fact when it was just Elsie and I we went shopping all the time. She is my sidekick and has always been a fantastic shopper. Now Vernon on the other hand, I last about five seconds in that dressing room before he is either pulling the lights out from behind the mirror, tearing my clothes off their hangers, yelling really loud (because for some reason he thinks whenever we are in a closed room it will echo and just starts screaming) which leads to Elsie crying because he's too loud and I literally fumble out of the dressing rooms, half dressed only to realize I never even tried on a single piece of clothing. (yes this has happened more than once
Then when there is an opportunity where I don't have the babies while I'm out and about because Micah is home with them, shopping is the last thing I think of doing. I always have so many other things I want to tackle with my free time and shopping for clothes is never a priority. I mean I love fashion and clothes and trying on new things and all that jazz but it just is never that simple anymore. I'm always rushed and in most cases I'm just grabbing stuff to try on at home only 90% of the time nothing fits right which just means an extra trip out to make unnecessary returns. Time and money wasted.
Well my friends, that all changed last week. My friend Kacia over at Coconut Robot had posted about StitchFix and I kind of freaked out. Like I basically was scrolling through the pictures of the clothes she was trying on nodding my head and saying YES out loud. So I dropped everything I was doing  calmly fed the kids their lunch and quickly headed over to StitchFix to schedule my first FIX!
So what is this StitchFix you ask? 
Stitch Fix is a fun and easy way to keep your wardrobe up-to-date. We get your style and size preferences, then send you a package of stylish goodies to try on at home, in your closet, with your favorite jeans and heels.
Basically Free Personal Shopper + Stylist in the comfort of your own home!
This is where you all say together "Yes Please!"
Now this isn't normally something I would do. Though eclectic with my style, I'm quite particular with what I like especially since I love to add vintage flair and you can't really find vintage at a regular store... you hear me? Not to mention I'm a clearance rack shopper, TJ Maxx goer and a Nordsrtom Rack guru. I was a little hesitant once I actually got to their site but I filled out their fun style survey anyway and pressed submit... I'll tell you what, that buyers remorse feeling quickly fled when the doorbell rang and my first fix arrived only days later!!
I waited until the babes were resting before I even opened the box because I knew once I did I would be having a fashion show with the kids and that can sometimes end up worse than the public dressing rooms. Plus I know Elsie would've wanted to touch everything and try it all on and I couldn't have her sticky fingers touching the goods... mmmkay?!
When I finally opened the box and saw the vibrant colors and floral prints I started happy dancing and raced to my closet to pull out most of the shoes I own just to be ready. (can you tell I haven't been real shopping in some time) 
See this cute lil' package of post-it notes? Yeah, well apparently with each fix you also get a little goodie, this alone had me hooked. I'm a sucker for paper goods, what can I say. 
Also, notice the little tags on each garment, well another genius idea from Stitchfix was that they provided you style cards so you have examples of how to style each piece!  
So before we go any further can we just say how awesome they are thus far. Convenient styling survey, quick delivery, fun free goodie in each box, styling tips for each piece, quality clothing, if you purchase everything in the box you get 25% off and then lastly the $20 styling fee you pay when you schedule your fix is actually $20 credit towards anything you purchase. So it's basically a free service because you know you're going to buy something out of this box of goodness.
One more thing, I tried on the clothes the day before these photos were actually taken but the lighting was bad in the room and my hair and make-up were day old which meant no photos, so after church when I had a fresh face Micah snapped some pics of each piece. 
So let's take a looksie shall we. First up... drum roll please! 
I loved this Dolce Vita floral dress! Unfortunately like most dresses of this style they are too short. My legs are long so this is a common issue and I hate layering leggings and jeans under my dresses. Some gals rock it, I personally cannot. So I tried it on with both my nude pumps and flats. Super cute either way and was a definitely in the "I likey" category.
Next up was this lil number which I wasn't too sure about. This is more of a I'm going out on a hot date kind of number and I was looking for more everyday pieces. Plus when I tried it on the first thing Micah said was "Yes I like this, it's a perfect Vegas dress..." I was like when do we ever go to Vegas and that is not what I want my wardrobe to say. We both laughed and agreed though super cute and comfy, it just wasn't me. 
So now onto this tunic dress. I loved the colors when I first took it out of the box and really wanted to make it work, but again with the length and the fit it was more va-va-voomey vs. the indie chic I thought it would look like before trying it on.The style card had an example to layer it with leggings which I totally tried but even Micah scrunched up his nose at that look. I wanted to make it work so I tried it on with different shoes hoping it would take it down a notch but Micah just called me a Diva and I was like "okay we're done with this one" It is super fun, but didn't make the cut!
saving the best for last...
The classic pleated skirt, oh how I love thee. Your sweet salmony color, how I adore you and the fact that I made three different outfits with you in a matter of minutes, we were destined to be together...and we shall. So cute, so simple, so versatile. I can even see layering it with some boyfriend cardigans when it starts cooling down a bit. This was a definite keeper. 

In actuality each box comes with five pieces but I totally forgot to take pictures of the beaded Arc n Co jacket they sent and I'm so not ready for Jacket weather and knew I wouldn't be keeping it. However it was super cute and really wish I would have taken photos of it for you to see. 

As I'm editing these photos to post all I can think about is when my next fix is going to arrive!
Even though not every piece worked out it was still a lot of fun and so very convenient. I mean all I had to do was stick the items I wasn't keeping in the pre-paid USPS package and had it ready for my postman to take from my doorstep. Easy Peasy. 
I also loved that I was able to change up my style survey for my next fix and tweaked some things to better suit me! 
Oh and did I mention that this isn't some crazy subscription type thing where you have to continue doing it after your first fix, you can opt out or if you love it, just schedule another fix.

Thanks StitchFix for helpin' a sista out! You totally helped make shopping fun again!


Carly @ Texas Lovebirds said...

Okay, so I've looked into StichFix and really like the idea but I've always wondered how affordable the items actually are. So, if you don't mind me asking, on average how much was each piece?

Kacia said...

Aghhhhhh!! I love it all!! You'd be stunning in a paper bag, so they all look ah-MAZING. But I LOVE that first dress on you!! I might need to ask for it.... EEKS!

Alissa Circle said...

You look amazing!!!!!!!! I love all of it!! I hope I get to schedule mine soon, this gets me all excited.

Kirtley@ Snowdrift Designs said...

You look amazing!! I just scheduled mine. I hope I get lots of good stuff like you did.

DawnaHartman said...

This isn't real?! So awesome. Definitely checking it out :) Thanks for posting this girlfriend!

Joanna said...

Wow what a cool idea! the skirt is my favorite. you did a great job putting together outfits! I would love to try this but I am a BIG bargain shopper and I just know that if i did this i would love it all and then it would be too expensive

Cara H said...

SOOO RAD! I love love LOVE the coral skirt and the gorgeous first dress (the blue one.) Did you keep it? I hope so!!!

The Ward Family said...

Definitely looking this up! Thanks Love the salmon color skirt and the different outfits you made with it. You look beautiful!

vintage grey said...

Look how pretty you look in your new outfits!! Love the salmon skirt!! Such a great color!! Will have to check this out! xo Heather

Lotus Blossom Design said...

Omg Becky! Can I guest blogger post thIs?!!!!! Love it.

Sarah said...

That is so so soooo cool! What an awesome idea. You look great in all of it :)

Beth @ the city said...

I love this idea! and that salmon colored skirt is so pretty! great choice :)

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Cute new outfits! I love that skirt, and its adorable on you! :) You're so pretty! xo Holly

becca @ sew loved said...

you are so adorable! i keep seeing stitchfix all over the interwebs and now i'm itching to try it out too. thanks for sharing!

Katherine / Of Corgis and Cocktails said...

that skirt is SUCH a great one. it looks great on you. i love the idea of stitch fix, but i hate surprises so i dont think i could do it!

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Jennifer said...

this is freakin awesome! i feel ya on the dressing room adventures. and i don't even remember the last time i tried something on and liked it. isn't that sad? but you look gorgeous and this is a genius idea! especially since they send you styling cards with ideas. i would much appreciate that as i am clueless. i wears jeans/nike shorts with a t-shirt way too often. sigh, im a loser, i know. ha. also, i agree with the comment about you looking good in a paper bag. that one made me laugh out loud.

L said...

I love stitchfix! I too ordered a back-to-school fix and am anxiously awaiting its arrival! I sneaked a look at my "current shipment" section and saw what I'm getting...wondering if my tunic dress is the same tunic dress you received! Love what you decided to keep!

Crystal Taylor said...

Cute dresses!!! I get the itch to shopping too for "back to school" :) XoXo, Crystal from Billie Jean