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Not a lot to share from the weekend. I went back to blunt bangs, we ate lots of donuts and I finished up some custom orders. We were in vacation mode so really just lounged around and swam in the pool. It was too hot to really even enjoy being outside. I was so excited to jump in the pool and escape the heat only to find the pool was as hot as bath water.  
It was a good thing we just laid low because Elsie wasn't feeling too hot. She started coming down with something on Thursday and I thought she had kicked it until she woke up this morning with Pink Eye! The day we are leaving for our quaint little cabin retreat up in Big Bear Lake, she wakes up in pain and miserable. Our poor little bug. If we had any chance in getting our money back we'd probably just spend our vacation at home while she is on the mend. 
But that is not the case and since Micah was still scheduled to serve at church for children's worship I ran to my drive-thru donut stop with the babes and ran into Walgreens to get some eye wash so help with the eye itching. While I was looking for the wash the pharmacist just happened to be walking the aisle and looked at Elsie and said that I needed to get her some antibiotics for it and to see the doctor ASAP. That is fine and dandy but informed her that we were leaving to Big Bear in just a few short hours. Sooo she suggested I take her to Urgent Care to get the prescription before we leave otherwise we'd all be miserable.

enter big loud sigh here.
So I drive directly there, praying the whole way that we'd be in and out and that I'd have time to get home and finish packing before MIcah got hoe from church. Praise Jesus no one was there and we were seen right away. The only thing was that while we were waiting for the doc I realized that because I was just running out for donuts and eye wash I didn't put pants on Vernon nor did I have ANY make-up on. It didn't help that Vernon was walking around pant-less with a squished donut in his hand yelling loudly and waltzing the place like he owned it. Like a Boss.

So now I'm home, prescription is filled, bags are packed and we are just waiting for daddy. I'm praying our time is blessed and that this lil' family gets the R&R that we need.
Hope you all have a fantastic week and if you think of my little fam while we're away please pray for healing over Elsie's little body. We are so looking forward to this time with just our fam, away from it all to relax and hope this doesn't throw a wrench into that. I figure what better place to unwind and heal than in a cabin on the lake surrounded by God's beauty right? Hopefully lots of snuggles will help hurry the healing process as well.


Audrey Nightingale said...

Awww! Praying for the little princess... She still looks gorgeous, even with a puffy eye!!! And Nat, you looks FABULOUS without makeup, so don't you worry your pretty head about walking out of the house without it!!

jennifer said...

Poor girlie! You guys have fun. Those antibiotics work wonders and her eye will be better by tomorrow!

Lora said...

praying that your little girl feels all better very soon!
2 things:
1. you look GORGEOUS with no makeup on - seriously, so pretty.
2. i grew up in CA, and we had a cabin in Big Bear that we went to for vacations! i have lots of memories from the place!! :)
hugs, lora

Kate Snow said...

So excited for you guys to have this time away. Praying it is fun and relaxing and rejuvenating. P.S. Your bangs look really cute. P.P.S. Super proud of you for posting a pic of yourself with no make up : )

Jenny Holiday said...

Aww poor little thing. : ( Hoping she is feeling much better....and that you guys have a happy fun time! :)

Love from NJ!
xo Jenny

vintage grey said...

Will be praying for sweet Elsie!! Enjoy your vacation!! Big Bear is such a beautiful place! xo Heather

Celeste said...

Oh her poor little eye! I hope she feels better quickly and you all have a fabulous vacation!

molly june. said...

poor elsie pie! that is the pits. and super contagious! so not very many close eye snuggles, mmkay? ;p

hope you're having the BEST time. well deserved! XO

Amy @ Not Your Average Baby Blog said...

Hope your vaca is going great anyway! I can totally relate to the unprepared thing. It seems like every time I throw my son into the car without pants (it is just so easy for them not to wear pants in the summer) and without a diaper bag/whatever, that's when we end up doing the most unexpected things! Oh well, that's motherhood, right??!

Amy @ Not Your Average Baby Blog said...

Ah! I just have to add that your embroidery is the CUTEST ever!! I'm hooked!