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less of me

I learned a few things this week. I now know that no matter how much I love the sun, the beach, and California I hate the heat and will hide in the air conditioned house eating popsicles all day and watching shows with the kids instead of playing because it was just too darn hot, even in Orange County.

I learned that it is easier to just say "YES" to the gal ringing me out at Michael's Craft Store when she asks me if all the embroidery floss I'm buying is to make friendship bracelets. Every. Single. Time.  I'm serious people. Every girl, every cashier at every craft store asks me that question. I'm like uhhhh, no I actually embroider with these and then I get the look of "Really because you don't look like someone whose got skillz" look and I just sigh and walk away.
I learned that Vernon can climb things, lots of tall things and apparently likes to give his mama a heart attack every 15 seconds just because its fun.

I learned that I need more than four hours of sleep each night.

I learned that making all of us take morning naps together can do us some good. Especially this sleep deprived mama.

I learned that I really love what I do, all of it. Wife, mama, my hoop art, blogging, Sole Hope, all of the other crazy fun stuff I do,  but most importantly being a child of God. 

I learned that having a full plate isn't bad, it's when things start to pile up on that plate is when I start to stress out and act ugly.

I'm learning that I want to strive HARDER than ever to be that Proverbs 31 woman and saw how far I am from that goal this week.

I learned that you can't control things like your shops platform going wacky the day you post a Huge sale.

I learned that screaming at the computer screen and asking yelling at your hubs to handle dinner because I "needed" to handle this very important thing was not really that important.

I learned that though I'm not intending to sound mean, my words can still be hurtful when said in a particular tone.
I learned that I really need to start marking the calendar for that "Time" us ladies deal with each month because I would've been able to better handle that day knowing my hormones were retarded. 

I learned that I want the words leaving my mouth and the conversations I have to be full of Grace. 
I told Micah those exact words after I flipped out at my computer issues. Then at that moment picked up my little girl and took her to run late night errands with me and had a 10:00 pm date with her at Denny's.
I learned that keeping her up hours after her bedtime didn't reap any repercussions the next day, only made a little lady's heart so full of memories with her mama and couldn't stop talking about the pancake place called Denny's. 

I learned that this new Proverbs Study through SheReadsTruth is just what this girl needs right now in her life. And after reading the first study knew this was going to be a good one. 
(I encourage all of you to join in on the SheReadsTruth daily devotional plan, you will be challenged, encouraged and so, so blessed)

I learned that God will never stop outpouring HIS goodness on us. Neva eva. Even after I am ugly, and say things I know I'll regret. Even after I read His word and don't put those truths into action but instead two the complete opposite. 
I learned that He hears us, knows us and understands us. He reminded me of it that night I told Micah that I want to work on having my words be Full of Grace. How I want my words to build up and not bring down because only minutes later I saw this picture on instagram from the dear sweet Tiffany from Grace For Grace
I was like GAH! this is perfect. You know me Lord, and I need this in my house as a daily reminder. 
Isn't it beautiful?! After she adds some coloring to it, this special piece will be in my home! I can't wait! Don't worry, she will soon be adding more to her shop here

But what I learned most this week was that there needs to be waaaay less of me in my life and way more of God. mmm...hmmm, can I get an Amen to the Amen.

What did you learn this week? Did God challenge you in any way? What did you take away from what you learned? I'd truly love to know. 
Oh on a completely different note and just FYI I extended the SALE through the weekend because after it ended I received  quite a few emails sating thy either had a problem or that they were waiting for their Friday paychecks and I felt bad...

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* Courtney * said...

At least you aren't in Vegas!!! We are here for a month and dying to go back to the oc weather! Very cute blog, new follower

Beth @ the city said...

I totally know what you mean when you're aware your words can sound mean even when you don't intend them to be. And I love that grace print, just beautiful! Happy Friday, Nat!

blondie blu said...

What a beautiful, sweet and inspirational blog you have! I just discovered you but will definitely be back to visit. Blessings and love, Helena

jen {rellas bellas} said...

Love this post! I know exactly what you mean about the tone of your words totally changing what you are trying to say. I feel like I try and watch my words so much with others I often forget to do so with my husband. I'm loving the proverbs study too.

JeNeal Brown said...

What a great post! I love it! You are awesome!

Less of me more of God! Something that I needed to hear!!



TessBenson said...

I dont know what to say, other than WOW! I stopped by, read, and am now leaving with a smile of encouragement on my face. I love the words God uses through you! your honesty and wisdom. Thanks for that!

Naptime Review said...

Beautiful children..

Following from Wiegands. Love for you to stop by and return the follow when you can.

Ali said...

Good Stuff!! I loved all of it. Thanks for sharing!!

DawnaHartman said...

What did I learn? Unselfishness. Is that a word? I always think I'm doing what I think God wants me to...after taking a step back, I realized how selfish I am. whomp.
I love how much you're blogging nowadays! You bless my socks off with your honesty!!! Love you xo

vintage grey said...

Beautiful post Nat!! Love the sweet art, and a scripture I need to see everyday, too! This week I am learning to trust more in the Lord for His plan for my life! Have a beautiful weekend. xo Heather

Liz said...

Newest follower, newest fan!


The Ward Family said...

I learned that my life has changed and although busy, God is molding me into this beautiful person and through it all I'm trying daily to learn to balance and prioritize. I've learned that I can't spend too much time on one priority because another gets neglected. I have 5 priorities God, husband, kids, myself, friends. This week I spent all time on kids and friends and the rest were neglected. Every day is a new day and we will try again. Thanks for asking :) I just had a talk with my friend about this, this morning!

Lisa said...

(with tears in my eyes) I really needed to hear this today. The Holy Spirt used you to speak, redirect and comfort me today. :)
Thanks Natalie you killed it.
xo Lisa

Laurel Lee said...

I don't even know you but I feel like we are kindered spirits. as a newly married woman I have been struggling to be a proverbs 31 wife and woman. #Shereadstruth is what I am reading right now - and oh my gracious has it changed my life!!! I have a VERY bad habit of using words I later regret and have been trying to work on that - it is just so beyond nice to know that I a not the only one!! Thank you for this wonderfully inspiring post
Your Newest Follower!