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random things + giveaway winner!

So first off I woke up this morning to a huge shout of "SURPRISE" and it startled me awake for sure. There standing in front of the bed was Micah and the babes holding a tray serving me breakfast in bed. I was so confused. Up all night hacking your lungs up will do that do you. I looked at the tray to find coffee and a bag of food for me, I just smiled and looked at him.
"What's going on" I asked... "surely I didn't sleep through the rest of August and into my birthday month did I?"
Nope. Micah informed me that is was nearly 8:00 (the time he should be at the office) and there wasn't any food in the house. (I'm totally feeling like a perfect Proverbs 31 women right about now) and said that because I had been up all night sick he took care of getting the kids (and me) some breaky. Can we say Father/Daddy of the year award nomination please.

So I jumped out of bed and thanked him profusely for handling all that biznass while my pitiful self slept in and sat with the wee ones to devour our food.
This is the aftermath, I'll give you one clue as to where he picked up food from. It starts with Mickey and ends with Dees.

So onto more important things, Laura from Bits of Splendor has officially kicked off the Project Hope Raffle HERE!
project hope
You don't want to miss this opportunity to help raise money for a very worthy cause. To read more about Project Hope you can do so here. There are some incredibly awesome items up for grabs there and will be heading over there shortly to enter myself! Seriously some of my fave shops have donated to this and so one very lucky winner is going to score big time! There may or may not be a hoop from my shop up for grabs over there so head on over there and get your entry on! 
Speaking of the shop I added a very limited quantity (like two of each) of inventory back in yesterday to a few items that were in high demand. I already sold one of each and well, these will be RETIRED pieces once they sell out this time so get'm while there available people. Future baby shower gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts or just something special for your own space.

And lastly, the moment you've all been waiting for, the announcement of the WINNER for the Aubrey Plays Custom Flapper Doll winner is... drumroll please 
April Orozco of The Gingerbread Blog. Holla at me girl!

Okay well I'm off to my embroidery craft shop, swim class and then will be sitting and playing with play-doh for the remainder of that day.
Happy Tuesday, make it a good one!


april@gingerbread said...

No way no way no way!!!!!! Best day ever!
Love ya!

vintage grey said...

Such a sweet surprise to wake up to! Hope you are feeling better my friend! Have a wonderful day! xo Heather

The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Wow, way to go hubby! I may have to pass that little story on! Best morning wake up for sure!

Anonymous said...

What a cute present! I hope you will link-up to my blog today and share it with others! :)
Wanderlust Wednesdays