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My Monday

I was expecting a really rough Monday. Not just because I woke up yesterday with body aches, a fever and a throat that felt like it was on fire but because Micah had been home with us for nearly ten days and it was pure bliss. I was worried how the babies would react to not waking up with him here and because of how weak I felt didn't know if I would have the strength to keep the joy in the house.
I fell asleep praying Sunday night asking God to heal me and to bless our first day back to "normal". 
When I woke up I wasn't a 100% better but I felt a million times better than I did the day before.
I had planned on just watching shows and letting my body rest when I remembered that Alissa invited the kids and I to meet her and her littles for cupcakes at around eleven. The kids were in great spirits and mama was feeling pretty good so we met down at Sweet and Saucy in Newport Beach and had a grand ol' time with our sweet friends. 
Of course we didn't get a decent shot on the first try, it took a lot of coaxing and extra cupcake promising to get the littles to smile and to all look at the camera so we could have a memory of our special day (the real memory was us trying to snap a photo when all we wanted to do was eat cupcakes!!) See the outtakes below... and there were about ten more even worse than these. HAHA!
Our visit was short and SWEET because it was just about nap time for everyone, but it was just what I needed to start off what I thought was going to be a really rough day! I was so blessed with this little fam and my spirit was instantly lifted when we pulled up and Katelyn and Brayden were there waiting for us with open arms and laughter! Such a lovely time with our friends.
Upon our arrival home I grabbed the mail on the way in and set it down so I could get the babes down to rest, but when I finally got around to opening it, I was surprised so see I received the sweetest card and teacup print from Tiffany of Grace for Grace!
I had only seen it in black and white when I mentioned it here but seeing it in full color just blessed my socks off. And guess what, she now has them available in her shop HERE.
Later as the wee ones were resting and I was finishing packaging up the last of custom orders from last week I was able to spend some time on my new fall line for the shop and I was so excited to be able to work on new things and just have some quiet time. And then just when I thought this glorious Monday (remember it was supposed to be a rough day) couldn't get any better I heard the squeaky wheels of the mailman.
"That's funny I already got the mail" I thought. So I walked out there only to realize that the mail from earlier was actually Saturday's mail and inside todays was this!!!
My new clutch from Sand and Starfish, but not only did I receive my yellow vintage dresden clutch,  she also gifted me with a vintage pouch!! Can we say blessed day or what!?I was all sorts of happy! 
Later, after the kids got up I set them up with some food and went over to my vinyls to put on some music so I could clean up the house and as I sat there rummaging through our collection I stumbled across this gem! 
I forgot I had purchased it years back for $1 knowing that I would one day have the urge to rock out to it while I cleaned just like my mom and I used to do when I was a kid. My heart was so happy I almost couldn't take it. I slapped it on the record player and got out the broom (which really was my microphone, lets be real) and I got to cleaning and the kids just giggled and squealed as I electric slid all around the house tidying up. Such a productive and great day!

I just wanted to share My Monday with you because what I thought was going to be a horrible no good very bad day turned out to be amazing! And I'm so grateful God heard my cries last night and was reminded of this scripture. 
"Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up."
Ecc 4:9-10
This was already on my heart as I knew my time with Micah was winding down as Sunday night rolled around. How much easier it is to handle the day to day things with him around. Tackling even the tiniest of chores or running the quickest errand become that much easier when he is around.
Then after spending time with Alissa this morning and receiving these packages from my sweet friends, I thought about this scripture again and how God used all these people to lift my spirits and take my mind off my weak body and the hard day at hand. I saw how my friends helped me up. God did that and was so joyful over the turnout of today's unexpected events. So blessed.

Oh and here are two of the first of the fall line coming up. Just a lil' sneak peek for you all... 

Happy Monday All!


TessBenson said...

It's fu n and such a pleasure to see how God worked in your life today!!! Thanks or sharing!!!

gilly said...

I love the little ways in which God reminds us that He is ALWAYS there. What a blessed Monday indeed!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Yum those sweet treats look fabulous! Love your new fall hoops! Headed over to visit a couple of the ladies' etsy shops :) :) Don't you just love when that happens with the mail! I actually just did that last week! I was so excited!! Hope you have a fun and wonderful day!! Hugs, Holly

Jammie said...

Your day just made my day. Love you!

Jammie said...

Your day just made my day. Love you!

The Framed Lady said...

Oh my gosh you should do a tutorial on how to make little fabric rosettes. I haven't found a good tutorial anywhere!

I'm glad your day was much better than expected!

Blytheponytailparades said...

Oh wow those cupcakes are immaculate :) So pretty! And they look like they tasted just as amazing!

It's amazing watching God work through prayer!

Object of Maya*ffection said...

SOunds like a fab day!! Sometimes cleaning is therapeutic - sounds like you made it fun! ps - so jealous you have a record player!!!