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Scenes from a "not so" weekend

Because Micah took off the whole week I was all mixed up with my days. When daddy is home that normally means it's the weekend but since he was here all week even after our Big Bear getaway it all just lumped together and I had no idea when the weekend actually began, but I certainly knew when it ended. I had a very distraught little girl walking around the house sobbing this morning trying to find her daddy because she just couldn't grasp that he went back to work. It was so so sad. She sobbed on my chest and then asked if we could call him. Which we did and only left all of us in tears, so we made plans to visit him for lunch. 
So since I really had no start to my weekend I will back up to Thursday night when I met up with Madeline, Ashley and Alissa for a Madewell styling event. Where we ate as many macaroons as we could before trying on clothes and having a hilariously good time. After the event the night was still young so we headed to Claim Jumper for more desserts! Sweet Madeline treated us all and that only made my chocolate chip calzone taste even sweeter!

stitchfix outfit, coy pond, new clutch from sand & starfish, more macaroons & cranky bath time)
Friday after swim class we went to Fashion Island to do a little shopping and then ate near the Coy Fish Pond so the kids could play. The day seemed so long (in a good way) and it was so nice to enjoy a Friday with Micah just hanging out locally. 

Knowing his vacation was coming to an end Micah wanted to do something extra special so he surprised the babes by making reservations for a Disney character filled breakfast at the Storyteller Cafe located in the California Adventure Hotel! It was so awesome. Both the kids and us big kids were smiling ear to ear and loving all the "extra" company we received at the table as we ate. Micah is always thinking of how to make things extra special and I love that so much about him! Seriously was the best breakfast ever!

Micah had originally taken off a full week because I was supposed to drive up north to the Bay Area with my girlfriends to see our bestie's new house. But then quite a few things came up (including her new house not being ready) so we postponed it and a few of us still decided to get together for a beach day! 
My dear Kate lives literally on the beach in San Clemente so while we soaked up the sun and splashed in the water the whole afternoon her hubby cooked us a delicious dinner to enjoy when we made our way back to the house. It was such a relaxing day and just what I needed. Some great quality time with some of my faves. 

My looong not so weekend was definitely off the charts but I woke up Sunday morning with my throat on fire and body aches everywhere, so I have just been resting and trying to kick what ever I caught from the babes. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and I'm so looking forward to a great week!


Jenna@The Life of the Wife said...

What a crazy busy weekend! But an AWESOME busy one for sure! Hopefully you aren't getting REALLY sick! Yikes..praying you'll feel better asap! Luvs!

Tiffany Pate said...

The monkey is Terk from Tarzan. Don't ask, I don't know how on earth I know that!


Amber said...

I love this!! What a wonderful weekend/week you had. Thanks for sharing it.

jillian at faith that laughs. said...

Looks like best weekend!!

Kristen said...

That looks like an awesome week/weekend! Must have been amazing to have your hubby home from work! & the breakfast looks like a blast! So special! :)

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

Looks like a great weekend! I love that dress you were trying on. Great color on you! Hope you bought it!

vintage grey said...

Sweet photos, and yummy treats!! So glad you ended your vacation so wonderfully!! xo Heather

Wild and Precious said...

hope you got that coral dress! so cute on you!