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I know I mentioned re-opening the shop the first week of August but since the boutique is still fresh on my mind and many have asked about certain pieces that I created for the event I thought, why not add those to the shop.
But because I'm still having warm and fuzzy feelings from the boutique and cant get over how much the whole event blessed my socks off I thought why not bless all of you as well.
So this week I will be offering FREE SHIPPING for all orders! This includes the fundraising hoops for Project Hope and The Shine Project as well. 
Did you catch that?

But that is not all. The first SIX orders will receive a choice of the following.

Why only the first SIX people you ask?? Well it's because I have three tiny hoops and three tiny garlands left over from the boutique so first come first serve. 

Please note that the "tiny" garland is different from the Mini garland I have listed in the shop. This is half the size. Perfect for a small window, door, desk, changing table, large computer monitor, topper to gift wrap or whatever suits your fancy. The possibilities are endless.
The tiny hoop is stitched on vintage linen and display ready in a 3" hoop. 
For Free Shipping 
Discount Code
Please let me know your preference of tiny hoop or tiny garland in the shipping instructions when you check out. I will let you know which you will be receiving (or if you will be receiving one)because like I said it is first come, first serve. 

disclaimer: free shipping and chance at the free gift are only for purchases from items listed in the shop. This is not valid for custom orders or new orders. The shop is still currently closed for new orders until August 1st. Thank you for your understanding. 


Rachel @ lala Lists said...

I love that garland! So so so so(!) cute!!!


No(dot dot)el said...

These are all amazing. I so wish it was payday. Maybe I will have to head back over there tomorrow, but then I probably won't be one of the six. Especially if I share this news on Twitter ;)

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Thanks so much! I can't wait to get mine :) :) xo Holly

Ali said...

Alrighty, this was just the push I needed to finally order a pretty hoop from you, especially since my favorite one was available!! Good job on everything. You are so talented!!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Ps. I grabbed your adorable button too! :) xx

Lauren Bird said...

Just became your newest follower! Great blog : )