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smells of summer

You know, I will admit I'm not much of an ice cream fan. That is because I'm not much of a milk fan. I know some of my milk drinking friends are rolling their eyes right now about me and milk but don't worry I won't go into how much I don't like it, just know I'm so grateful that as an adult I have options on every store shelf that let me substitute my cereal with Soy, Almond or even Rice milk.

I don't hate Ice Cream. I like it. It's just not my go to. I'm more of a pastry and cookie girl. You know the one at parties while the cake cutting is happening with the five gallon ice cream tub out and the host ask "ice cream & cake??" and I'm like "just Cake please"
Yeah, that is so me. But there is something about summertime and ice cream cones. Sticky fingers and the smell of sunblock. All of it combined is pure nostalgia for me. I can remember sitting outside with my brothers eating Rainbow Sherbet all the time.

And now my babies, who love ice cream (thanks to their Dairy Queen loving daddy) and how they smell after eating it. They smell like summer. Pudgy sticky fingers and hair covered in it which always require a bath and not a quick baby wipe down, but I wouldn't change it. I love smelling them, watching them enjoy their treats, making memories together over such a simple thing as an ice cream cone. Though on a hot day my inner being craves a 7-11 slurpee over a cone, I will still always lean towards cone just because of what it does to my soul when we are all just stopping in the midst of the busyness to sit and enjoy one together. (plus I am out numbered three-to-one when it comes to that decision)
My older bro Chris, little bro Greg and me sitting on our front porch enjoying a Thrify's ice cream cone. This picture is missing my baby bro Josh who wasn't born yet.
(yes, I'm the only girl of four)

Do you enjoy ice cream cones on a hot summer day? Or do you prefer popsicles and slurpees?


Kelley said...

LOVE the pic of Elsie giving little Vernon a lick, and her face covered in ice cream. Those make for some of the best memories!!

The Not Quite Military Wife said...

I love to go to an ice cream shop but my go to at home is a popsicle! The kids pictures are so cute though!

Aubrey said...

I dislike milk and ice cream too!
I had to suppress my urge to roll my eyes at every eldery lady who asked me if I was drinking my milk while preggo. (no I was not!)
I do LOVE frozen yogurt and make it at home in my ice cream maker ;)
AND I too was the only girl of four baby brothers!

Amanda said...

We must discuss our dislike of milk sometime, I dispose it, everything about it! And don't be jealous but today I did get a slurped...they never disappoint! Hope you are well lady! Xo

The Ward Family said...

I loved Thriftys growing up and still stop by Rite Aid for a cone. Love ice cream! Was raised with ice cream and our popcorn machine. Just brought me back to memories of listening to my dad pop popcorn and the sound of Cheers in the background. Summer is the best! Love Fall also though. Ok, better go to bed :) Great post!

gilly said...

LOVE ice-cream. In any shape or form. But preferably twizzled in a cone with a flakey pushed into it. YUM!
Happiness is...

vintage grey said...

Such sweet picks of your cuties! I am a popsicle girl! We have been making homemade popsicles with the Tovolo popsicles molds, and they are awesome. So many possibilities, and you can even do ice cream ones! Have a great day! ;) xo Heather

No(dot dot)el said...

I am not a milk fan either. I rarely to never drink it, pretty much only when dipping Oreo cookies. But I do love ice cream, although when you mentions a slurpee I got kind of confused for a moment... it passed. I am still gonna choose ice cream over slurpee. That pic is so cute of your family. I have a younger brother named Greg who was named after my Dad. Good names.
I was waiting for you to bust out the "Ice Cream You Sceam, we all Love Ice Cream" but then I guess that doesn't really work with your thoughts here :) Hope you are having a great day xoxo