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So I have received quite a few emails in regards to donating towards Sole Hope. I understand that some of you locals won't be able to attend the event and that many of you are out of state and want to contribute in some way or another and here is how you can.
One way is to host a shoe cutting party in your own community. With a group of friends, a bible study group, crafting group or any other group you may be involved with. You can have as little as ten or as many as a hundred (or more) people attend. All you need are hands to trace, cut and assemble.
For more information about hosting your own shoe cutting party please visit the Sole Hope website here.
As far as donating to the actual event we're hosting on Saturday there are a couple ways. Though it may be too late to donate an actual item for the raffle (unless you are local and can drop it off) you can send me any of the following items that Sole Hope is now in need of because they have started washing feet and removing jiggers on every trip to Africa they make. 
Here is a list of supplies you can send:
Large Safety Pins
Bar Soap
Surgical Gloves
Cotton Balls
Medical Razor Blades
Medical Tape
Antibiotic Cream
Band Aids
You can also donate monetarily. Many of you asked if you could just send me money and a few of you have already donated to my paypal account and so I wanted to make this available to everyone. There is a paypal link that you can use to donate on my left side panel. Just click the "donate" button and this will take you directly to paypal where you can donate any amount. No amount is too small. Every bit helps in the growth of this amazing organization and will help provide not only supplies to make the shoes but for the medical supplies as well. 

Now as far as being able to donate towards the raffle pieces that have been donated for the event, I haven't decided. I should have a better idea this evening of all the items we will have on hand and may be able to put a few baskets or sets of items that you could buy tickets for and I will enter your name into Saturday's drawings. 
Please feel free to email me with any questions about Sole Hope or donations towards the organization at
This is an opportunity for you to help!

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The Ward Family said...

Thanks for this info! I think I want to do this in COrona! I put a check in the mail but mailman hasn't come today so I think I'll just use your paypal! Good luck!